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Jasper Winery’s summer concert series and unWINEd @ Gray’s Lake

Join us every Thursday evening during the summer for free live music at the winery. We’ll have wine, sangria and Madhouse beer as well as burgers and brats for sale. Bring your friends, your family and maybe some extra seating for our weekly lawn party. We’ll have plenty of beverages so please leave all outside alcohol at home – along with the pups. Have questions or need additional details? Just give us a call at 515.282.9463 or send an email to See you in six weeks from today … if not before!

Album Review: The Workshy, “You Are Here”

The Workshy have been playing in and around the Central Iowa scene for a number of years now with great success, including playing the headline stage at 80/35 and other festivals, and have become a staple of the jam band scene specifically, and the local scene in general.  Until now, they’ve never released an album, though they’ve certainly always had enough material.  And it turns out it was worth the wait.

Music University Recap – Band Management

MU_CROP2On March 14, 2012, The Greater Des Moines Music Coalition hosted Music University, a free music business education series, featuring a panel discussion on band management with Andy Anderson at the House of Bricks. The discussion focused on getting the most effective output from band members in all aspects of the process including songwriting, practicing, performing, marketing, and self-management on a professional level. Below is a brief synopsis of the panel’s thoughts on the discussion.


GDP Preview: The Beatnicks

BeatWhile some artists carry a lot of weight within their community, the reputation of The Beatnicks preceded the band itself.  Rick J (Rick James) and Rel.Lentless (Durrell Haynes, Sr.) are veterans of the Western Iowa/Nebraska hip-hop scene. Last November, the two friends decided to form a group and use their joined force to make hip-hop to further their community and help others. It was a good thing too, because they already had a gig booked before they were even officially a group.


GDP Preview: The White Elephant

whiteThey describe themselves as “three guys making sounds with instruments,” but the Wapello, Iowa, musicians of The White Elephant are much more than noise. They are a fluid and skilled garage/blues rock band who use their instruments to make gruff rock music. And while they did get the noisy part right, it’s the best kind.


GDP Preview: Christopher the Conquered

Christopher the Conquered is made up of Chris Ford, Brandon Ruschill, Nate Logsdon, Kate Kennedy, Donny Peterson, Derek Lambert, C.J. Howard and Brian Stout. We caught up with Chris Ford to talk about Gross Domestic Products past and present (was hanging from a chandelier involved?) and how Iowa is the right place to be building a killer music community. Take it away, Chris!

GDP Preview: Hath No Fury

Throughout the years, Gross Domestic Product has been known as a showcase of Iowa talent, regardless of genre. For every acoustic songwriter who has a story to tell, there has been an MC with a different way to tell their story. For every electronic genius with an Apple and Pro Tools there is a group of people who just want to drop heavy notes and hard vocals. And for every rocking party band, there is a sweet-voiced angel singing her heart out. Somewhere in all of this is Hath No Fury.

GDP Preview: Mumford’s

Mumford’s is a “wild freak-folk storyteller dance band with a horn section” — or a psycho freak band, for short. The band is made up of Nate Logsdon, James Doxon, Kate Kennedy, Kai Tanaka – lead guitar, Tushar Dayal / Chris Lyng, Donny Peterson, Paul Hertz, Brian “Wild Man” Stout, Erich Sneller and Dave Atchison. We caught up with Nate to talk about Gross Domestic Product and the joys of being an Iowa musician.

Bands Release Video Promoting GDP

Several of the bands performing at Gross Domestic Product got together to tell you why they care about supporting local music! A big thanks to Christopher the Conquered, Hath No Fury, TiresMumford’sTrouble Lights, & Love Songs for Lonely Monsters for their support. Join the revolution and be part of the “eternal conversation” at Hotel Fort Des Moines on April 14! Tickets are on sale now for $10 in advance and can be purchased through Tikly. Tickets are $15 day of show. 


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