Hath No Fury are a fairly recent addition to the Des Moines hard rock scene, but feature many talented and veteran musicians. The band is a five-piece with Jen Allen and Kristin Sauvago sharing vocal duties and Allen on guitar, with backing from AJ Aterburn, Jeff Stone and Mindrite’s Jayson Kempf. The musicians blend their sound into face-melting hard rock that blends traditional guitar, heavy bass and thunderous drums with personal stories, life-altering situations and well, life in general.

While the music is unquestionably rock, true and true, where they differ from their peers is vocally. Sauvago’s angelic pitch gives each song an unrivaled feminine strength, while also a certain sweetness to her words. Sauvago’s tone can dance between playfulness and fierceness, while never losing its feminine wiles. On occasion, Allen will take over on lead vocals, and the tone sways more towards a feminist anger vibe, while again somehow never losing its playfulness, even when confronted with some stark personal anecdotes.

While this year’s roster of Gross Domestic Product musicians run the gamut from pop to hip-hop to folk, Hath No Fury will provide those who want to just straight-up rock a needed representative. This is the band to grab a brew and throw your fist in the air. For those who aren’t into the heavier scene, the performance of the band and the musical ability can carry past any hang-ups of the genre. Hath No Fury is truly something for everyone, while also being true to themselves.