Andy Anderson is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer that has released three albums and is the head producer at the Alexander Recording Kompany (The ARK) located in Ames, Iowa. He’s also produced dozens of albums for other original artists from the Midwest, and as a performer he has played more than 300 concerts across the country both on his own and as a touring/session musician for signed acts out of Nashville. He’s performed pre-show concerts for such acts as Michael Buble, Billy Joel, and Sir Elton John, among others, all before the age of 30.

Managing/Band Prep (most important part)
– Practice etiquette – what practice is meant for
– Personnel and individual responsibilities
– Keep consistent practice schedules
– Practice set lists ONLY
– Conduct separate writing sessions opposite of practice
– Communicate. Constructive feedback, ask professionals to come to practice and critique what could be fixed as an unbiased ear (professional producers at studios will do this)


Branding / Imaging
– Establish the bands direction and sound. Create from your influences and build your sound.
– Specifically distinguish between original/Cover
– Logos, websites, photos (professional only), audio recording (invest in professional recordings)
– Appearance.. overall look


Booking / Promoting
– Designate one band representative as band manager, if not separately managed. Forward all leads and possibilities, conflicts to one person via email/text/Facebook.
– Be organized with band members, constantly know what dates band members CANNOT play or have previously booked, always appear organized to owners.
– Create communication templates/responses (emails, responses)
– Create Different Bios:
– Short for booking descriptions
– Press bios
– email response bios
– One-sheet bios
– Quick responses to inquiries/emails/voicemails.
– CALL THEM! Email doesn’t always work. WALK INS are even more effective!
– Professional attitude dealing with agents or staff no matter what. They always remember. There is always another band.


– Common sense. Bars and clubs do bare minimum promoting, YOU do the promoting
– Facebook, twitter.. make a presence. Websites are only for people to get information, they won’t go there unless you make them..
– Fliers, word of mouth, articles, videos HUGE, online presence.


Live performing
– Stick to a well rehearsed set list
– No dead air at all. Organize the set list so the show flows
– Appearance on stage.. Look like you care
– Perform with energy and emotion to sell the brand. Never stand still.
– Perform this show to book the next show. Never just play for that show, ever, play to book the next one. You NEVER know who is watching.
– DO NOT start immediately tearing down (unless there is a band immediately after you. Start mingling, sell merch, Sell your brand, be friendly.) Band should always be first in, last out. ALL members.


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