Why Support?

Because the Des Moines Music Coalition is a non-profit, grassroots organization, we rely solely on music fans and community leaders like you for donations, sponsorships, volunteer hours and essential words of encouragement.

The work of the Des Moines Music Coalition promotes the economic, cultural, and social sustainability of the central Iowa community by:

  • Promoting and advancing the work of local musicians and giving them the resources they need to be successful, through our Music University and mentorship programs.
  • Providing unique opportunities for the youth in our community who are interested in music such as our After School Hip Hop Classes, partnered with Des Moines Public Schools, and our Music Summer Camps, partnered with Des Moines Parks and Recreation!
  • Creating events such as 80/35 music festival that engage individuals (in particular, our young people) and businesses in our community and bring new people to central Iowa.
  • Advocating for local music interests through our work with the Capital Crossroads program.
  • Promoting music to bring people together, providing new social environments for the happiness and health of our community.
  • Instilling pride in our community through increased appreciation of our local culture.
  • Creating programs and working with local businesses to foster a local economy founded on a creative community.

Your contribution goes directly to programs including our Iowa music showcase Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and, of course, 80/35 music festival – programs that help develop artists, promote music culture and energize the community. It also goes to support our educational work in Music University, music mentorship, and other music education programs for all ages around central Iowa and our work to shine a light on our local culture year-round via our website, social media networks, and our e-newsletter. Plus, your selfless act gets you tons of kudos, a tax break, and more!

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