Where are you from? Are your bandmates Iowa natives?

We are from Ames, Iowa. All our band members are native Iowans! The band started as a solo project in 2008 and has built up over the years. All the band members met through the Ames music scene, from playing and going to shows together.


That’s great. Sounds like a tight-knit crew. So what do you like about being artists living and working in Iowa?

We love being from Iowa! It’s such a great place to be a musician because the musical community is so rich and active, and there’s such a positive vibe in the scene. We are inspired by so many Iowa bands and we love to represent our home state. The Iowa music scene is very collaborative, and we love the way that bands work together to create a community — that’s the Iowa we represent!


Lovin’ the state pride! So tell us a little bit about your music.

Mumford’s plays fun and wild party rock music for dancing! And we also play ballads and story-songs! We love to get wild and dance and we also love to tell stories with our music. We incorporate a wide variety of musical styles and instrumentation and the band is always bringing in new musicians, new instruments, new sounds, new musical guests, new ideas. We always bring a lot of energy and conviction to everything we do.


So what does that mean for GDP? What are you most excited for?

GDP rules! My favorite thing about it is that it promotes Iowa music and supports local artists. We’re excited to see all the bands and meet new people and throw down with our whole hearts and bodies.


Well we’ll be looking for the whole-hearted throw down! What else should we know about Mumford’s before the show?

We have so much respect for the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition and all the great work that has built up the Des Moines and Central Iowa music scene in the past few years. It is truly an honour to be a part of this great event and we will bring our topmost performance ability to this show so we can represent the IOWA scene we know and love!


Thanks guys! Be sure to check out Mumford’s at mumfordsmusic.com and look for them at the Hotel Fort Des Moines on April 14 for GDP.