In the relatively short time they have been together, The Beatnicks have piled up an impressive resume, playing shows across Iowa and in Omaha. They have released their first album, The Beatnicks, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. And now they can add Gross Domestic Product to their list of accomplishments. The band plays all sorts of gigs, but they seem to enjoy ones that truly make a difference. They have helped organize fundraisers for cancer patients, parks and other worthy causes.


Musically, their style is unique. The backing track and samples call out to a funkier era. The beats have a soul feel as much as they do straight hip-hop. The band also sneaks in unexpected samples like the Dane Cook bit in “We the Best.”  Rick J is credited on production, and both men share the mic in a clear and definitive way. There is no second guessing, there are no mixed metaphors. There is a swagger to match the smoothness of their flow. Lyrically, they rap with a confidence that is infectious and undeniable. They use their chemistry and ability to play off of each other. Neither is a bigger star than the other.


Make sure to catch them at GDP this year. With the speed in which The Beatnicks have taken off, you’re likely to hear more from—and about—them in the year ahead.