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7th Annual Gross Domestic Product Lineup Announced

DMMC_GDPGet geared up for another great year of Des Moines’ finest local music showcase. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will take place at Hotel Fort Des Moines on Saturday, April 14. This year’s lineup will again exemplify the best and brightest of the Des Moines music scene. GDP will feature 10 bands spanning and transcending the indie, folk, hip-hop, rock, acoustic, electronic, and pop genres. 

Gross Domestic Product Set for April 14, Band Submissions Due Feb. 13

GDP_2012Clear your calendars for Gross Domestic Product on Saturday, April 14 at Hotel Fort Des Moines. This will be the seventh year we’ve put on GDP. The growth and continued support of this all-local music festival is a great testament to the music movement in Des Moines. Together, we can continue to build a stronger and more diverse live music economy. Please plan to be part of the movement and attend Gross Domestic Product. We promise you’ll discover some great local indie, hip-hop, metal, acoustic, electronic, and pop bands.

6th Annual Gross Domestic Product Lineup Announced

GDPrough_squareGross Domestic Product (GDP), returns to Hotel Fort Des Moines on Saturday, April 2 and will feature 13 groups representing the indie, hip-hop, blues, acoustic, metal, and electronic pop genres.

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