“Gross Domestic Product is about Des Moines’ emerging indie talent,” says Justin Schoen, DMMC board president. “These bands are recording and releasing new, original work; bringing an important aspect to the music culture in Des Moines.”

The DMMC encourages everyone to come enjoy GDP to experience the wide variety of talented bands Des Moines has to offer.

Tickets are on sale now at Tikly.co for $10 and day of tickets will sell for $15. People that join the DMMC between now and the event will get a free ticket to GDP. Memberships range from $25-$500 and can be purchased here or Tikly.co.


State stage


6:00 – Unknown Component


You may be surprised to learn when listening to the mix of guitar, bass, piano, and drums on any of Unknown Component’s nine albums that this band is made up of only one member: Keith Lynch. In addition to his vast musical talents, he records and mixes all his music, releases and promotes all the albums, and even creates his own cover art.


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7:00 – The White Elephant


They describe themselves as “three guys making sounds with instruments,” but the Wapello, Iowa, musicians of The White Elephant are much more than noise. They are a fluid and skilled garage/blues rock band who use their instruments to make gruff rock music. And while they did get the noisy part right, it’s the best kind.


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8:00 – The Beatnicks


While some artists carry a lot of weight within their community, the reputation of The Beatnicks preceded the band itself. Rick J (Rick James) and Rel.Lentless (Durrell Haynes, Sr.) are veterans of the Western Iowa/Nebraska hip-hop scene. Last November, the two friends decided to form a group and use their joined force to make hip-hop to further their community and help others. It was a good thing too, because they already had a gig booked before they were even officially a group.


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9:15 – Hath No Fury


Throughout the years, Gross Domestic Product has been known as a showcase of Iowa talent, regardless of genre. For every acoustic songwriter who has a story to tell, there has been an MC with a different way to tell their story. For every electronic genius with an Apple and Pro Tools there is a group of people who just want to drop heavy notes and hard vocals. And for every rocking party band, there is a sweet-voiced angel singing her heart out. Somewhere in all of this is Hath No Fury.


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10:45 – Mumford’s


Mumford’s is a “wild freak-folk storyteller dance band with a horn section” — or a psycho freak band, for short. The band is made up of Nate Logsdon, James Doxon, Kate Kennedy, Kai Tanaka – lead guitar, Tushar Dayal / Chris Lyng, Donny Peterson, Paul Hertz, Brian “Wild Man” Stout, Erich Sneller and Dave Atchison.


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Grand stage


6:30 – Trouble Lights


Trouble Lights is a musical duo from Fairfield, Iowa. It’s made up of singer Adrien Daller and producer Philip Rabalais. They’re performing at Gross Domestic Product in Des Moines on April 14, and we caught up with them to talk about music in Iowa, 8-foot tall animal warrior queens, and lady-pop electric dance music.


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7:30 – Tires


Electronic rock band Tires plays primarily instrumental music, with an emphasis on groove and a layered palette (including the occasional electric drill on guitar).  The huge sound produced is accomplished by just two people: Phil Young on guitar and electronic sound manipulations, and Jordan Mayland on drums and synthesizers.


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8:30 – Love Songs for Lonely Monsters


Learning that the elegantly eerie magic of Love Songs for Lonely Monsters originated at Carl’s Place somehow feels wrong. Not that any of us at the DMMC mind tossing back a few at the comfortable Sherman Hill dive. But if you saw LS4LM’s intensely cool performance at last summer’s 80-35 or caught their recent show at the Mews, you’ll understand why we were picturing something more otherworldly—like, maybe, a mysterious gravitational attraction that led the five talented musicians out of their homes to the oak-shrouded lawn of Hoyt Sherman Place—across the street from Carl’s—where they spontaneously made their music in the shadows of a cloud-cloaked moon.


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10:00 – The River Monks


While Indie Folk Rock band The River Monks have been playing their hearts out at SXSW in Austin, we’ve been getting geared up for their upcoming appearance in our own fabulous music festival – Gross Domestic Product – on April 14.


These Des Moines-based 80/35 alums are an incredibly talented mix of multi-faceted artists. Their impeccable blend of interesting instrumental melodies and thoughtful lyrics makes for an amazing collection of music that just plain makes you feel good.


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11:30 – Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band


Christopher the Conquered is made up of Chris Ford, Brandon Ruschill, Nate Logsdon, Kate Kennedy, Donny Peterson, Derek Lambert, C.J. Howard and Brian Stout.


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What: Gross Domestic Product
When: Saturday, April 14, 2012
Doors: 5:00 p.m. Show: 6:00 p.m.
Where: Hotel Fort Des Moines, 1000 Walnut St, Des Moines
Tickets: On sale now at Tikly.co for $10 advance/$15 day of
All Ages


RSVP and spread the word via the Facebook event.


Gross Domestic Product is organized by the volunteers of the non-profit Greater Des Moines Music Coalition.