Originally from Iowa City, and now based out of Des Moines, Unknown Component plays shows across Iowa. You may have seen one locally at places like Java Joes, Ritual Café, and Mars Café. This self-titled “Unknown” artist has achieved national radio airplay, features in many music magazines, blogs, and other media outlets from around the world, and is continuously receiving rave reviews.


The driving force behind Unknown Component’s Music is the thoughtful and compelling lyrics. Uncommon to most multi-member bands, seeing a show live offers a unique experience of experiencing the music in a completely different way than listening to a recorded album.


Lynch composes all of his songs using only his acoustic guitar. He then adds layers of other instruments, so the final recording has the desired sound of a full band. However, when performing live, the songs are heard in their original format of Lynch’s voice and acoustic guitar. This raw version of the music is filled with emotion and really lets the lyrics shine. An experience that shouldn’t be missed.


If you’d like to check out Unknown Component before GDP (on April 14th), you can catch a free show at the Kirkwood Lounge in Des Moines on April 7th. You can also listen to Lynch’s music featured on Iowa Unsigned on New Rock 105.1 on March 18th at 8pm.


Please like Unknown Component on Facebook and visit the website at unknowncomponent.com. On the website you can pay what you want for the latest album “The Infinite Definitive”, stream other albums and download select songs for free, watch videos, or for the diehard fan you can download the entire catalog of nearly 100 songs for only $14.99.