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GDP Band Hype: Wolves in the Attic

  Raw, swirling, and remarkably brash, Wolves in the Attic are an indie rocker’s dream come true. A band loud enough to get a birthday party shut down by the cops (I would know), with their layered, guitar-heavy approach and driving energy, their debut album and recent EP, Pink Mist, feels like an artifact from… Read more »

Listen to House of Large Sizes & more playing at GDP!

  Get your $15 passes (these are limited and close to being all gone!) to see 19 Iowa bands, featuring House of Large Sizes, Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos, Trouble Lights, and more, by clicking right here.

GDP Band Hype: The Wheelers

When they first come out, they don’t seem like much. The Wheelers actually look like a bunch of twentysomething slackers who should be looking for a real job! But then, they start playing! The lead singer yells into the microphone. His eyes bulging out straight ahead. But then his body twists and turns, his head… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Madison Ray and All the Single Ladies

This article was written by Liz McDonough of GDP Partner Locusic, an Iowa-based online listening service where you can “Listen To Your Surroundings”. Madison Ray and All The Single Ladies is a high energy five-piece band, and the self-proclaimed originators of “stanque” pop, which can be described as pop music with influences in heavy jazz, dirty… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: The Seed of Something

This article was written by William Tarbox, a staple of the Des Moines music community and an all-around great individual. Since before any of them were old enough to drive, The Seed of Something has been full of surprises. Possibly most surprising of all is that fact that while the quartet was still in high school,… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos

This article was written by Lindsay Fullington, one of the co-creators and editors of Des Moines music blog Band Bombshell. Check out their brilliant work here. There are certain performances that stick with you—the kind that you still talk about years later. The first time I saw Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos was one of these… Read more »

Thank You Des Moines!


The seventh annual Gross Domestic Product stormed through Hotel Fort Des Moines this past Saturday, April 14. It was definitely one to go down in the books from the raging storms outside to the bands tearing it up on two stages inside. For the fans that made it out to the show, they received a top notch set from each band including surprise visits from bella soul, Utopia Park, Pat Fleming of Poison Control Center, and Elliot Burke of Lesbian Poetry. With this one-of-a-kind night there are many people to thank that help make it all possible.


GDP Preview: The Beatnicks

BeatWhile some artists carry a lot of weight within their community, the reputation of The Beatnicks preceded the band itself.  Rick J (Rick James) and Rel.Lentless (Durrell Haynes, Sr.) are veterans of the Western Iowa/Nebraska hip-hop scene. Last November, the two friends decided to form a group and use their joined force to make hip-hop to further their community and help others. It was a good thing too, because they already had a gig booked before they were even officially a group.


GDP Preview: The White Elephant

whiteThey describe themselves as “three guys making sounds with instruments,” but the Wapello, Iowa, musicians of The White Elephant are much more than noise. They are a fluid and skilled garage/blues rock band who use their instruments to make gruff rock music. And while they did get the noisy part right, it’s the best kind.


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