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The Des Moines trio Rumble Seat Riot absolutely nails a classic rockabilly sound that is fast, strong and no-frills. Their original tunes sound classic, a testament to their total mastery of the genre. They visually match the style as well with slicked-back hair, rolled t-shirts sleeves and leather jackets. The complete effect is total rock’n’roll.

The lead singer and guitarist, Gene, taps into a young Elvis-esque vocal style. The bassist, Larry, shreds an acoustic upright bass (and even occasionally lays it on its side and stands on it during solos). The drummer, Butchie, is legendary in the Iowa music scene for being the original drummer of the famous heavy metal band, Slipknot; but he’s even more in his element here laying down some deep American music. Combined they are a powerful R’n’R unit without any parallel in central Iowa.