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I will not easily forget the first time I saw Love Songs for Lonely Monsters; and not because it was noon on a no clouds in the sky, burning hot, 90 degree Saturday. But because it was the second day of the 80/35 Music Festival, and LS4LM were the first act of the day playing the main stage. I had gone in solely based off their name alone, and they blew me away.

LS4LM play hard rock, in its most raw form. When they take stage, the five piece rock group will fill every inch of the venue with their intense, piercing sound. With a lesser set of musicians this could end up a disaster, with vocals getting drowned out and drum parts overpowering the other instruments. Not with LS4LM. This band plays with such precision and unity that they don’t sound like five people but as one band. By watching them perform you can see the years of practice that have lead them to become one of the best bands that Des Moines has to offer.

This past March, LS4LM released their very long awaited, debut self titled record, containing all the favorites such as Automatic Repulsion, Glass Half Full, and Phone Calls from Beyond the Grave. This set of 9 songs is a stellar showcase of the range of lead singer, Amy Badger’s vocals. She was a delicate and sweet voice for the band’s ballads, that can become ferocious for the more driving rock songs. And the boys bring their A game as well, filling out the sound with an incredible bass line and some pretty catchy guitar riffs.

Do yourself a favor and pick up their debut record. If not in preparation for the Gross Domestic Product, than for the drive home after the show so you can sing along to each song.

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