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  Prepare to feel MR NASTI’s heart. Nicholas Naioti, MR NASTI himself, is one of those people whose face and voice effortlessly convey his sincerity and joy; I mean, the man loves playing music! I’ve seen Nicholas play in bands that cover a huge range of musical styles, from roots-rock to punk, from folk to… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Is Home Is

Even Mary Kate and Ashley want a piece of Mickey Davis. And while it may have been to take down his musician moniker of a similar sound (Olsen Twinns), he popped right back into his beats under the alias Is Home Is—and his fans are only going nuts over his mixes, not getting rid of… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Wolves in the Attic

  Raw, swirling, and remarkably brash, Wolves in the Attic are an indie rocker’s dream come true. A band loud enough to get a birthday party shut down by the cops (I would know), with their layered, guitar-heavy approach and driving energy, their debut album and recent EP, Pink Mist, feels like an artifact from… Read more »

Listen to House of Large Sizes & more playing at GDP!

  Get your $15 passes (these are limited and close to being all gone!) to see 19 Iowa bands, featuring House of Large Sizes, Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos, Trouble Lights, and more, by clicking right here.

GDP Band Hype: Madison Ray and All the Single Ladies

This article was written by Liz McDonough of GDP Partner Locusic, an Iowa-based online listening service where you can “Listen To Your Surroundings”. Madison Ray and All The Single Ladies is a high energy five-piece band, and the self-proclaimed originators of “stanque” pop, which can be described as pop music with influences in heavy jazz, dirty… Read more »

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