Prepare to feel MR NASTI’s heart. Nicholas Naioti, MR NASTI himself, is one of those people whose face and voice effortlessly convey his sincerity and joy; I mean, the man loves playing music! I’ve seen Nicholas play in bands that cover a huge range of musical styles, from roots-rock to punk, from folk to hip-hop, from musical theatre to bedroom metal.

The consistent thread through all his tireless music-making is his heart, his desire to connect to audiences and share his love of life. And now Nicholas is MR NASTI, a childlike wizard who unites crowds together into intimate sing-alongs. You’ll feel like you’ve always known his songs, they have a feeling of fundamental American rock and roll that will be native to you. Yet unlike the rock and roll of the past, MR NASTI presents his brand of Americana in an electronic form complete with swelling synthesizers, giant booty bass and smooth pop production. The result is a charming, energizing and life-affirming experience in rock that will echo in your ears after the show and stay in your heart for the rest of your life.


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This article was written by DMMC volunteer contributor Nate Logsdon of Iowa band Mumford’s.