Even Mary Kate and Ashley want a piece of Mickey Davis. And while it may have been to take down his musician moniker of a similar sound (Olsen Twinns), he popped right back into his beats under the alias Is Home Is—and his fans are only going nuts over his mixes, not getting rid of his stage name.

From the start, Is Home Is (and Olsen Twinns) is all about connecting with the audience. Mickey will make sure to sit and chat over a drink with any fan of Iowa’s abundant music scenes pre- or post-show. Throw a few dollars down on cover, and you’ll get much more than just a rockin’ set from this dude.

At 21-years-old, this St. Paul, Minn. transplant has a sound beyond his years. Watch him onstage and you’ll find yourself pulled in. His stage persona and frequent smile flashes will have you shaking and grooving just as hard as Mickey. He’s one of those young musicians that constantly brings something new to the scene, and will continue to for years to come.

His music: Full of slow crescendos and stolid breakdowns, Is Home Is is a solid bet as an opener or a headliner. His versatility allows for all kinds of fans (and dance moves). Be prepared for James Blake-esque escalating tunes with quick switches between songs. He puts on a show that you can’t get enough of—every song and transition hits a different mood. Discovering something new with Is Home Is isn’t hard. He shares new ideas and song leads on his SoundCloud, letting the listener in on his song creation progress. Because really knowing the music before you get to a show is the best part.


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This article was written by DMMC volunteer contributor Erika Owen of Band Bombshell. Read her musings, reviews, and more on Iowa music right here.