Photo provided by Jeff Roalson

Photo provided by Jeff Roalson

Iowa City-based band The Olympics knew you needed a pick-me-up with all of this snow. So they have a new music video for you. When they asked Band Bombshell to debut their video for their song “Gypsy Blood,” we couldn’t have been happier. We’ve been a fan of this quirky, beach rockish group for a while now and it’s always fun to see local musicians do awesome things. Congrats, guys! We snagged a few minutes with frontman Jeff Roalson and he shared some insider stories and facts on the creation of the video.

(They’re also headlining a show at Gabe’s in Iowa City on Friday, June 7 at 10pm. Trouble Lights and Huge Lewis are also on the line-up for the night. Tell them how much you like it in person!)

Band Bombshell: Any funny stories or behind-the-scenes facts from the shoot?
Jeff Roalson: Although the video makes it look like we might have shot it in the spring, this was filmed back in January. However, it was in the 50′s that day so we got lucky and suffered no casualties to frostbite or other ailments that sometimes bring down gypsy clans. Also, I found a big, dead fish which was cool.

BB: Tell me how the video connects with the song. Where did the inspiration come from?
JR: The song is basically inspired from gypsy life. We tried to run with the whole brotherhood kind of feel with it. The video starts off with a clash of two opposing gypsy clans. Luckily, a couple really chill oracles are able to use gypsy majik and summon the Peacemaker who stops the fight and makes everyone throw down some sick dance moves at the Bonfire of Unity.

BB: Any advice for other musicians making their first music video?
JR: Of course everyone wants to have their music videos look professional or fit a certain esthetic but it’s important to have fun with the whole process. It will never turn out exactly how you might have seen it in your head but if you have a decent plan of what you’re gonna try to do and how you’re gonna do it, give the project enough time to develop and make sure everyone’s running in the same artistic direction.

BB: What was your favorite part of shooting the video?
JR: My favorite part was meeting Mike (the ninja Jesus oracle dude) and realizing how cool and magical he is. Mike is incredible and he will change the world.

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