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Become a member of the non-profit Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC) by contributing at least $35 per year. Plus, get early discount tickets for 80/35!

Funds raised benefit our work to develop, accelerate and support local music, including our after-school music programs, rock and hip-hop summer camps, local musician career mentoring, and advocacy efforts within our music community.

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Yearly contribution: $35/year

  • First opportunity to buy 80/35 early bird tickets and VIP passes 
  • First opportunity for volunteer positions at DMMC events
  • Subscription to DMMC e-newsletter
  • Happiness that can only come from helping Des Moines rock!


Monthly contribution: $5/month

Yearly contribution: $55/year

All Front Row benefits plus:

    • Access to Lagunitas Couchtrippin Lounge at 80/35 ($25 value)
    • Download of local music recorded on In The Birdroom with Jordan Mayland


Monthly contribution: $10/month

Yearly contribution: $100/year

All Front Row & Backstage benefits plus:

    • Invitation to Backstage Brunch at 80/35
    • First opportunity to buy early-bird tickets to GDP


Monthly contribution: $55/month

Yearly contribution: $600/year

All Front Row, Backstage, & VIP benefits plus:

    • 2 VIP passes to 80/35
    • Special donor recognition on the DMMC website and in the Annual Report




Aaron Rogers
Aaron Vermeer
Adam Bartelt & April Ziskovsky
Adam Elliot
Adrienne Greenwald & Zac Andersen
Amanda & Tim Acton
Amedeo Rossi
Andrew Kane
Andrew Maahs
Andy Cusack
Ann Flood
Andy Lyons
Angela Johnson
Angie Schmitt
Avalan Wilson
Becky Greenwald
Benjamin Garrett
Ben Richardson
Bradley Edmister
Brady Mallon
Brandon Clark
Brian Davis
Brian Myers
Brian Pattinson
Brian Wajda
Bridget Finnegan
Bryan Mains
Catherine Dreiss
Chase Schweitzer
Chris English
Christopher Ford
Christopher Lachky
Chris Williams
Cody Jans
Cory Lark
Cory Pritchard
Cory Schmitz
Craig Lien
Dain McClurg
Dan Kainz
Dan Saar
Dan Welk
Daniel Alexander
Daniel Jenney
Daniel Zimmerman
Dave Mowitz
David Chapman
David Faux
David Lubbers
David Reed
Debra Hulett
Derek Pruden
Don & Maddie Schoen
Dori Jansma
Elaine Hargrove
Elizabeth & Riley Schlievert
Elizabeth Sedrel
Emma Brown
Eric Faust
Eric Johnsen
Eric West
Evan Powers
Frank Swanson
Franklin Codel

Hanna Wolle
Ian Leckie
Isaiah McGee
Jackie & Joe Cacciatore
Jamie Nicollino
Janet Mashek
Jason Miner
Jason Rosa
Jay Byers
Jean Allen
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Corcoran
Jeff White
Jennifer Bishop
Jennifer Vermeer
Jennifer Wyatt
Jeremy Cordes
Jeremy Morse
Jermi Porter
Jeshua Lack
Jessica Murtaugh
Jessica Taylor Erwin
Jim Kane
Jim Tough
Joey Lovan
John Goerdt
Joseph Garza
Joshua Burke
Joshua Sveom
Joy Svec
Justin Karl
Justin Mandelbaum
Justin Schoen
Kaleb Foshe
Karen Eichner
Karla Smith
Katherine Kelly
Kathryn Dickel
Kathryn VanderLinden
Katie Graham
Katy Heggen
Kay Myers
Kevin & Maria Brownell
Kimberly Noble Piper
Kuuku Saah
Lauren Dillon
Lee Buell
Lindsay Thompson
Lisa McEniry
Lisa Reed
Lloyd Lofton III
Lorraine May
Lynn Swanson
Margi Weiss & Mike Tramontina
Maria Filippone
Maria La France
Mark Chidley
Mark Joyce
Mark Matteo
Mark Movic & Susan Skinner
Marti Anderson
Matt Denner
Matt & Samantha Fett
Matt Moore
Melissa Miller
Meredith Inc

Mic Jurgens
Michael Alowitz
Michael Jenkins
Mike Fitzpatrick
Mike Pitcher
Mollie Giller
Myrna Johnson
Naura Godar
Nickelle Stevens
P. Rex Coble
Patricia Guevara
Patrick Klopfenstein
Patrick Riley
Patrick Williams
Patsy Shors
Paul Hermsen
Paul Micich
Paul Nye
Phillip Stoffregen
Rachel Formaro
Ramona Jones
Renae & Dave Salaba
Ric & Carol Jurgens
Richard Reasons
Rob Feeney
Robert Benson
Robert Warren
Robert Young
Ryan Elsbernd
Samantha Hahn
Samantha McCarty
Sarabeth Anderson
Sarah Kinner
Savannah Stuckmayer
Scott Dean
Scott Frederick
Seth Stone
Sheila Tweeton
Shirley Keenan
Stephanie Cardwell
Stephanie Fink
Stephanie Shearer
Stephanie Stormont
Stephen King
Sue Kelso
Tasha Gould
Teri TeBockhorst
Thavone Cavan
Thomas Logan
Thomas Paulson III
Tim Korpela
Timothy Wigans
Tracey Wilkerson
Tracey Zirbel
Trent Derby
Trudy Hurd
Tyler Wyngarden
Valerie Heitzman
Walter Githens
William Anderson

The above list reflects current Members of the DMMC as of March 25, 2019.

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We would also like to give special recognition to initial donors, founding members, and key supporters who helped start the organization and guarantee its success over the years, including, but not limited to:

City of Des Moines
Iowa Legislature
David Hurd
Don Schoen
Fritz Junker
Kirk Blunck
Loyd Ogle
Kim Kytola
Amedeo Rossi
Justin Schoen

Rob Ferguson
Brian Sauer
Anne Mathey
Gina Adams
Illyricum Entertainment
Wade Bassford
The Nadas
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
Bravo Greater Des Moines