The compilation will be released on March 24, with a release show at The Bombay Bicycle Club featuring music from 12 artists from Sonic Harvest. The compilation will be available digitally through Maximum Ames Records for $10. The compilation will also come free to anyone who attends the release show on March 24.


Aside from representing the sounds of 30 Iowa bands, the compilation also represents the work of seven engineers: Ryan Martin, head engineer at Sound Farm, Logan Christian, owner of Midday Studios, Isaac Norman, engineer and owner at Righteous Dog Recording, Phil Young, engineer and owner at Liberty House Studios, Tyler Held, engineer at Sound Farm, R.B. Brummond and Alex Evans.


Patrick Tape Fleming, guitarist and vocalist of The Poison Control Center, said working on the compilation was a great experience and PCC’s track “Looking Back” is one of his favorite recordings the band has done. He said the fact that Sound Farm gave artists the opportunity to record for free really shows the connection the studio has to the music community and how passionate they are about promoting it.


“It’s amazing that they invited all these bands to come that would probably never have the chance to record at that facility. For your everyday average rock-n-roll band, or even for a band like us that has toured a lot and released a bunch of albums, it was a really big deal to record in such a good studio where Grammy-award winning bands have recorded,” Fleming said.