Photo cred: Myriam Santos // from left to right: Emma Anzai/bass guitar, Shimon Moore/vocals and guitar, Mark Goodman/drums

Photo cred: Myriam Santos // From left to right: Emma Anzai/bass guitar, Shimon Moore/vocals and guitar, Mark Goodman/drums

You may remember that hit you rocked out to in high school, “All the Same.” (Please, enjoy the throwback to banged ’90s haircuts and angsty glances as much as I did.) Australian trio Sick Puppies have been around for a while, and they’re making a stop in Des Moines for KAZR’s Lazerfest this Friday. I snag a couple of minutes with Emma Anzai, the headbanging beuaty with the bass guitar to talk tried and true advice for local musicians, the story behind the band name, and keeping their music fresh after more than a decade of rock. Be on the look-out for a new album from Sick Puppies this summer.

Buy your tickets to Lazerfest here (if you haven’t already). Also joining Sick Puppies are Papa Roach, Alice in Chains, Bush, All That Remains, and Killswitch Engage. Make sure and check the site for the full line-up and other information.

Band Bombshell: Describe your sound in three words that all begin with a P.
Emma Anzai: Passionate, powerful, and provoking.

BB: Sick Puppies have been around for a while—How do you keep your sound fresh?
EA: We try and do something different for each album, consciously making it slightly different than the last but not too far from our band’s sound.

BB: You and Shimon have been bandmates from the beginning—has creating music become any easier as time goes on?
EA: Absolutely. Being around your band for years helps you focus your vision. Each time we write we know more and more about where we want to go musically.

BB: Any crazy fan stories (good or bad)?
EA: Haha! One time a guy ate my set list!

BB: How has your music changed from the beginning in the ’90s to current day?
EA: Absolutely. We all grew up as people and therefore our music followed.

BB: Where did you play your best show and who was it with?
EA: Big Day Out (Festival). The line-up was so good. We got to see and play with MUSE, Tool, The Killers, and My Chemical Romance, just to name a few.

BB: If you could tour with any musician in the world, who would it be and why?
EA: Rage Against the Machine because they’re the tightest and coolest band out there!

BB: Do you have a favorite venue to play? 
EA: The Pagaent in St Louis. Such a great venue–the layout is awesome.

BB: What’s the story behind the band name?
EA: It was a name that both Shim (vocals) and his dad though of at the same time. We thought it was a sign, so we went with it for the time being, and then it just stuck.

BB: What’s your favorite song and what was the inspiration?
EA: “Odd One” off of “Tri-Polar.” Because being odd/being an outcast was the reason we started this band in the first place.

BB: What was your local music scene like growing up?
EA: Almost non-existant. We loved Silverchair and wanted more rock bands in Australia. But at the time there were few and far between. It seems to be a lot better now.

BB: What’s your best piece of advice for local musicians trying to make it big?
EA: Love what you do, do what you love.