I’m sure this has happened to everyone, but have you ever put something off to last minute, because you’re unfortunately lazy, and then last minute shows up, but you’re too busy helping some lady with a pair of shoes she eventually doesn’t buy? And you’re angry and hungry and you’re only stuck there because some old guy who’s in a pissing contest with your supervisor called in sick, so you had to cover his job and yours? Then you had to stop at the store so your wife could have a Pepsi? Now you’re a half an hour past last minute, so you have to throw together a post likely full off typpos and probably the same adjectives over and over because your brain is moving too quick to think of anything different? Yeah, its an age old problem that is currently happening. But there are three great shows tonight that I wanted to point out, so here’s a truncated post. Get out and see some music.

First would be the acclaimed Generationals playing Vadueville Mews at 6pm. They are the type of band that shows up every once in a while and wows everyone. Opening for them are the wonderfully kooky Brass Bed from Louisiana. They are actually pretty well respected among a lot of people in this town. So much that they actually consider this a second hometown. So, with Brass Bed playing a rare hometown show and the incredible Generationals, this is pretty much can’t miss.

The late show is the awesome Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship out of Omaha. They are loud and talented. Hints of Dino Jr. and like, but also a bit of a punk mentality, they are powerful and wonderful. If that wasn’t enough, opening the show are two of Des Moines’ best in the terrifc prog-meets-metal-meets hard rock Fetal Pig and the always lovely Love Songs For Lonely Monsters. This one will be loud. Wear ear plugs. Trust me.

Over at the Gas Lamp, The thumping punk of The Atom Age is set to take the stage at 8pm. Gas Lamp gets a lot of acts like this, and they are all very good, but there is something special about Atom Age. Head here for details.