Welcome to “ONE TRACK MINDS” with Erika Rae Owen from Band Bombshell and Chris Knauf, board member of the Des Moines Music Coalition.  Each week, Erika and Chris take turns selecting a song of their choice, listen to it together for the first time, and document their reactions, thoughts and witty banter via instant messenger. 

This week, Chris and Erika listen to “She Was the One That Got Away” by Gloom Balloon.

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Erika: Ohhhh… Sexy.

Chris: At least they have the refrain down

Erika: Haha, they sure do. This is very ’90s R&B/rap to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Chris: Uh…I lived 90’s R&B. I mean…I lived it in my head and in my poor choice of clothing

Erika: Oh, we’ve discussed your clothing before and I would have to agree.

Chris: I love the sax…but to honor Chad Taylor, I’ll just say the sax is an “o.k.” choice

Erika: Haha!

Chris: I saw Pat perform this “acoustically” at the Farmers Market. That doesn’t do this version justice.

Erika: Really? Did he dance? I love his dance moves.

Chris: Did he ever

Chris: My daughter got a balloon. And it popped. And she asks me every weekend to “ask that guy for another one”

Erika: Ha! “That dude with the balloons.”

Chris: Chris Ford doing backup vocals on this is brilliant. Just once I want to see him do “Debra” by Beck.

Erika: Ask him to do it as one of his weekly covers! So, who do you think got away?

Chris: I can only speak from personal experience, but in my household, it was the aforementioned balloon You?

Erika: Oh, man. I was going to say an elementary school teacher crush. But I like your balloon theory.

Erika: I can already see the parody music video forming…

Chris: Based on the prevalence of the sax in the song, I would hope the parody is a spoof of the date scene in “Better Off Dead” with Pat in the John Cusack role.

Which means Chris would be “Booger.”

Chris: 1-5 Fleming headstands, what would you rate it?

Erika: I give it a 4.8. I really, really like this song. You?

Chris: 5. No question

Erika: Woah! That’s a first.

Chris: It’s actually quite fantastic.

Erika: What was your favorite part?

Chris: It feels very layered and doesn’t sound “local.” In my opinion, it’s one of the strongest tracks from any band that I’ve heard all year. It infuses so many different sounds and styles that I’m usually drawn to. Pat’s rap has a melody to it that doesn’t come across as some lame or forced attempt at hip-hop

Erika: I agree with the layer comment. My favorite thing to do when listening to music is to pull apart the layers. I think any of the layers in this song would stand strong on its own, too. Awesome song. I like Pat rapping. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that from him before.

Chris: There are more and more moments within our local scene that make me feel as if I’ve heard something that has much broader appeal.

Erika: I agree with that. Holy White Hounds is one that struck me last week. And MAIDS all of the time.

Chris: It’s a really great time to be a music fan in DSM. So you should probably move back already.

Erika: I know…


Gloom Balloon is touring the U.S. in October and November. Find details here.

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