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Many people recoil when they hear the term “pop music”. People hear “pop” and they think over-produced, under-credentialed performers abusing production and auto-tune to burp out songs to make themselves a name, credibility and artistry be damned. It’s often not a fair critique, but sadly, it can be a huge hill to climb for anyone who uses their talent to craft a modern pop song.

MaryBeth Doran has climbed that hill. Her ability to blend traditional r&b with modern synths and presentations transcends any labels and any clichés. She makes music that overcomes genre stereotypes with each note, each melody and each performance. Her songs are danceable, hummable and sometimes cry-able. They touch nerves and tug heartstrings.

She is a talented musician and a gifted songwriter, but she shines most as a live performer. Her hard work as a musician is matched with an almost unfair amount of charisma. Her soulful voice is backed by a talented band and her own winning smile. She is a humble, yet unflinchingly confident entertainer who knows who she is and what she is about.

MaryBeth Doran makes talent-rich, credibility-rich, creative, artful, soulful and thoughtful music. MaryBeth Doran makes pop music.