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What happens when a modern day electronic composer starts writing songs with a folk singer with sweet vocal chords? MAIDS happens! What started off as a 1 song project covering the Zombies timeless classic, “This Will Be Our Year,” has turned into Des Moines first ever supergroup or should I say super duo. MAIDS is the combination of vocals of Danny Heggen from Seedlings, and the sounds of Mickey Davis (aka Is Home Is).

MAIDS is full-on sonic explorations with beautiful bittersweet vocals, sharp, sensitive lyrics with way more emotional heft than you might expect from a synth pop album, especially one by a side project from musicians as busy as these two are with their other projects as well as both being very active in the Des Moines community outside of their own music.

MAIDS is such a breath of fresh air for our Des Moines music scene. Something completely different by two established artist in their own right, pushing their own boundaries to create something new, magical, and fun to dance to! Excited to see what the future holds for MAIDS.