Name: Patrick Tape Fleming

Hometown: Des Moines


Band: The Poison Control Center


DMMC connection: I have been very involved for the DMMC, playing sponsored events like 80/35 and Gross Domestic Product with my band, the Poison Control Center.  I have spoken at Music University Events and am a member of the music community as a fan!


What does being a DMMC member mean to you? It gives me a feeling that I am a part of a community that supports its local arts and makes me very proud to travel to other cities and say, “Hey this is what we have going on in our city, and it works and it’s great! You should look into something like this for your city.”


What DMMC membership benefit have you used the most/found most enticing? Well I haven’t used the 10% off at ZZZ as much as I should… But now that I know it’s a benefit I will use it monthly! I also like knowing about the big shows, like 80/35, before the general public!  


What made you join the movement and become a DMMC member? I’m very proud of our music scene and city and want to do anything I can to help it grow into what I know it can become! We have blossomed in the last 10 years and the future is looking even brighter! 


Favorite DMMC moment: Standing on top of a speaker at 80/35 this past year singing, “Magical Circle,” while playing with the Poison Control Center and having hundreds of people dancing and singing along! It showed me how special this city is and how much heart is has! 


Favorite local artist/band: It’s a six-way tie right now… Christopher the Conquered, Derek Lambert and the Prairie Fires, Mumfords, Pennyhawk, Seed of Something and Wolves in the Attic! 


Favorite DSM music venue: Vaudeville Mews 


What’s your favorite 80/35 memory? Christopher the Conquered set in 2010—it was glorious!


Learn more about DMMC membership here and join us on December 4 from 5-7 p.m. at Badowers before the Wilco show at Val Air Ballroom for Music Saves, our annual membership drive and social.