We believe education is critical to growing the creative music community in Iowa. Through our education programs, we seek to connect people passionate about music with the tools, knowledge, and individuals needed to build a skilled and collaborative music network in Des Moines. This talent and cooperation is what will enable our community to grow and to support an ever-more vibrant, productive, and independent cultural economy in Central Iowa.


Music Camps and After School Programs

Since 2015, the DMMC has partnered with Des Moines Parks & Recreation to annually host two summer music camps for middle school-age students (ages 11 – 15 yrs.). Working as a team, under the guidance of experienced, local musicians and educators, students create music in a fun, creative environment. They learn the skills needed to play in a band, write lyrics, record music and perform live! The camps even culminate in a performance on the Gen-Z stage at 80/35 music festival! The DMMC after school programs are projected to launch Fall of 2017.


Music University Series

Previously a full-day conference, in 2017 the DMMC launched the updated Music University (MU) Series to incorporate new and diverse ways to engage local musicians in professional development opportunities. This innovative MU Series offers a hands-on Workshop in the spring, a summer Discussion with nationally touring artists, and a fall Panel, all led by musicians and industry experts from across the country actively working in the music business. Tied to popular DMMC festivals (GDP, 80/35, and LBF respectively), the MU Series will serve local and Iowa artists by introducing area musicians to ideas and topics relevant to the regional and national music industry.


DMMC Music Fellowship

The DMMC Music Fellowship program is a career-focused education initiative that offers local musicians rigorous training and mentorship across all facets of the music  industry. Coordinated by the DMMC, the program aims to connect bands with regional industry resources and contacts to expedite the careers of local talent and to launch their music to national recognition. The overarching goals of this program are to (1) develop local talent to produce nationally recognized artists, (2) build a network of industry professionals and develop a collaborative music industry in Des Moines, and (3) draw young professionals to the area by strengthening the cultural offerings of Des Moines.