Milo and the Musket, a NYC-based jazz/indie 7-piece and Interview magazine favorite, is hitting Arlene’s Grocery on August 17th.  Make sure and catch the show, then snag their new self-titled EP when it drops next month. But first, get to know the band. Listen to their music here.

Q: Describe your sound in three words that begin with an M.
A: Mighty.  Myriad.  Memorable.

Q: The NYC is a tough music scene to break into. How did you do it and what advice would you give to fellow local musicians?
A: We’ve been really fortunate with the opportunities that we’ve had thus far.  Don’t know how we broke into the music scene really, or if we’ve really “broken” into it at all, but we’ve gotten to where we are by setting specific goals and figuring out how to reach those goals.  I think that’s one of the motivations we have as a band, the notion that there’s still so much to accomplish.  We’re obviously thankful for all the attention and support that we’ve received up until now, but we can be so much better, and we look forward to sharing that with more and more people.

The advice that I would give is WRITE as much as you can and PLAY as much you can.  It’s like anything in life; the more you do it the better you’re going to get.  I believe that what grabs life-long fans is not just having them enjoy your music, but rather it’s their recognition for what more you can do in the future.  

Q: What’s your best show/fan memory?
A: We had this gig out at Goodbye Blue Monday out in Brooklyn last year, and this girl who played before us hit us up a few weeks later with a song she wrote called “Groupie” attached in an email.  It was a sweet song she sang by herself while playing a ukulele, singing about one of the guys in the band, but as for who it is, that’s yet to be determined.  Definitely a great moment in “fan” history.

Q: If you have to tell fans one thing that will help bring them into the show at Arlene’s Grocery, what would it be?
A: Aside from the general fun loving vibe and high energy we bring to our shows, we’ll be offering some prizes to a lucky few in the audience. Fans can check out our Facebook page for more details coming up this week.

Q: What’s the song writing process like with such a big band?
A: The process typically starts with Miko (in some cases another member of the band) bringing forward to the group an idea of a song, usually with an outline with lyrics, melody, and rough chord progression.  From there, it’s a matter of trial and error.  Everyone is given an initial license to contribute what they will with their individual parts, and once that’s put on the table, we start cleaning it all up.  It can be a challenge at times to get all members to get on the same page with how the song should be shaped and performed, but with time and attention, we’ve succeeded in making music that I think is really unique to Miko & The Musket.

Q: If you could choose the perfect setting for people to hear your music, where would it be? (Ex: elevator, water park, high-speed chase scene in a movie)
A: Probably a road trip with their closest friends.  My bonus answer would be a FLASH MOB.

Check out the band’s new single, “On Your Mark.”