Seldom Seen 2

Tomorrow (June 28/29), Seldom Seen Festival—an event focusing on music, art, and literature—will take over a small farm in Monmouth, Iowa. The fest includes two days of camping on a gorgeous spot of land, but there are quite a few things to look forward to from the music acts. But don’t just trust me, here’s what the musicians themselves had to say about what they’re looking forward to, why you should come check them out, and what they’ll be doing post-Seldom Seen (in that order).

*Not interviewed/pictured: Alientech. 

Photo cred: Cody Osen

Photo cred: Cody Osen

DJ Nice Kicks, Friday: 10:45-11:30

1. Music-wise, I’m most looking forward to AlienTech – they’re one of the best acts in Iowa right now, their music was made to be listened to outside in the dark on a muggy night. I’m also looking forward to seeing the non-musical elements of the Festival, which is new since last year. The organizers of Seldom Seen are some of the most creative people I have the pleasure of calling my friends, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve put together.
2. I’m a DJing 90′s RnB in a barn in rural Iowa, how could you not want to get down to that?
3. I’ll be digging into my own music to finish an album sometime in the future, although there’s no sense of urgency on it and I’m hoping to keep in that way. So it will be done when it’s ready to be done :)
Photo courtesy of band's Facebook page

Photo courtesy of band’s Facebook page

Henrietta, Saturday, 3pm-3:45pm
1) I am most looking forward to being in Iowa!  We are thrilled to get a chance to play way out in place we’ve never even been close to.  Being in such a new place usually means making new friends as well.
2) You won’t see anyone else play so hard and look so good.
3) After the Festival, our plans are to do some recording and play some gigs…
Photo cred: Bronson Karaff

Photo cred: Bronson Karaff

Bri Jo & Alexis Stevens, Saturday 4pm-5:15pm

1. I’m mostly excited to see all my friends back in Iowa. After moving to Nashville in August, I have been missing them dearly. Also, what could be better than playing a bunch of tunes with a bunch of great folks in the middle of nowhere?

2. It probably won’t suck…

3. I have a self-titled 10″ coming out in August which will be followed by a 2-3 month tour all over the country. Very excited for those things. I will definitely be playing a bunch all over Iowa, so keep your eyes peeled for those dates.

Photo courtesy of band's Facebook page

Photo courtesy of band’s Facebook page

Chasing Shade, Saturday, 5:30pm-6:15pm

1. We’re incredibly excited to see PHOX at this year’s festival and it’s an honor to share a bill with them.  Also, the festival is situated in a beautiful part of Iowa so it’s always an enjoyable drive up there.
2. Last year we arguably had the most “exciting” set as the field caught fire during our performance; who knows what could happen this year!
3. This fall we’ll be moving to Los Angeles to record our next EP with Paul Fox (Bjork, Phish, Wallflowers) and pursue music full time.
Photo courtesy of the band

Photo courtesy of the band

EZ EC and D Gus, Saturday: 6:30pm-7pm

EZ EC (Evan Clark)

1. Smokin’ blunts and drinking Five Star

2. Naked Girls and Free Capri-Suns (Strawberry Kiwi Only)

3. Retire & Raise a Family with D-Gus in the Himalayas and Force Them to Worship Devil Magic.

D Gus (Dustin Gustafson)

1.  All the black and milds and five star you can imagine.2.  All the black and milds and five star you can imagine

3.  All the black and milds and five star you can imagine
AWTHNTKTS, Saturday, 7:15pm-8pm

1. First off, I’d like to say that the people who put this together have nothing but love for artistic expression and are full-heartedly committed to sharing an experience. We’re very excited to be apart of this festival and to do our part in anyway we can to help our friends succeed in their vision. We play mostly all hip-hop shows, so we look forward to opportunities like this, where we have the chance to perform for an audience that is not hip-hop oriented to try and broaden our audience as artists.

 2. Watching the AWTHNTKTS perform is like watching New Jack City, Blues Brothers, The Wiz and Wayne’s World….ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!

 3. After Seldom Seen: 

July 6th: #drugmuzicfest at Gabe’s in Iowa City.

July 18th- Pre-show for Run the Jewels at Gabe’s in Iowa City (free!!!)

August 5th- At the Mill in Iowa City we’ll be performing with Louis Logic and Dark Time Sunshine of Fake Four Inc. 

September 26-28: We’re also performing at the Pygmalion Music Festival this September in Champaign, Illinois.

Alex BodySaturday, 8:15pm-9pm

1) I’m looking forward to playing outdoors.  Many of the times I perform it happens in basements, industrial spaces, or other windowless rooms.  While that can be fun I relish the opportunity to play outside, while the sun is still visible.

2) I’m not sure, I try to let the music speak for itself.  You might like it, you might not.  I try to make the music challenging enough to be rewarding.  That is more than one sentence.

3) I’m going to finish working on a new album, tour some more, and go swimming.

Photo cred: Ace Boothby

Photo cred: Ace Boothby

Trouble Lights, Saturday: 9:15pm-10pm

1. Watching rad local bands outside. Summer amazingness.

2. Dance party glitter fest.

3. We’re playing 80/35 Saturday, July 6 at 5pm on the Hy Vee Stage then going on tour to NYC with drag queen Tyona Diamond, burlesque dancer Phoenix L’Amour and the mysterious presence that is Beef Cake.
Photo cred: Nich Thomas

Photo cred: Nich Thomas

PHOXSaturday, 10:30-11:45

1. It’s fun to not have to compete with the din of a bar. We hope it’s like a mystical outdoor theater.  

2. We’re melody-first, and we love having fun.
3. We’re getting back home to continue writing for our next record.