Filmed and edited by Bruce James Bales

Iowa Concert Photographers have, in a relatively short amount of time, helped shed light on our local music scene by documenting shows with fantastic photography and sharing their photos with local music fans via online outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. Their work has been featured on the covers of local entertainment publications Juice and Cityview, as well as numerous blogs such as Iowaves Music and Band Bombshell. Artists have also used their photos in album art and other promotional materials.

Iowa Concert Photographers has helped to connect local photographers with opportunities to shoot at local concerts and festivals and raised the standard for local concert photography. Local culture always struggles to get the attention of for-profit media outlets; in the face of that struggle, volunteer-based groups like Iowa Concert Photographers are crucial in the effort to document and preserve an important aspect of our community’s identity: our music scene.​


Many thanks to all who attended Backstage Ball 2014 and our sponsors and hosts:

David & Trudy Hurd
Business Record
Harry & Pam Bookey
Meredith Corporation
Orchestrate Hospitality
Blind Photography
Nyemaster Goode PC
Taste! To Go Catering
The Gramercy Tap
Don & Maddie Schoen
Jim Cushing
Mark Movic & Susan Skinner

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