Ruth Moody Band kicks off Live at the Temple Concert Series

Singer/songwriter Ruth Moody and her band will kick off the 2011-2012 Live at the Temple Concert Series on Nov. 17 at the Temple for the Performing Arts in Des Moines.


Moody is known for her vocals and multi-instrumental talents. She is a founding member of The Wailin’ Jennys – which has appeared on the Billboard charts – and has made more than a dozen appearances on “A Prairie Home Companion.”

LBF preview: Omega Dog

Omega Dog are what people point to when they say they listen to jam band music. They are also a perfect example of why people would and should listen. They utilize the full spectrum of music. Modern pop, classic rock, reggae, old school R&B, classical, all styles seem to be represented to produce a medley of sonic purity but never once leaving behind their pop sensibility. This isn’t just a jam band or an excuse to screw around with instruments while people twirl in place. These are skilled musicians who make music for everyone.

LBF preview: Lightnin’ Ridge

When people say things like “this ain’t your father’s…” they say it to mean that this is a new and different way of looking at something. The thing about Lightnin’ Ridge, though, is this is your father’s bluegrass. This is the music that came up through the generations from the front porches and backyards of people all over the country. Lightnin’ Ridge plays bluegrass music. They play it in a way that most people imagine when they hear “bluegrass.” They play it well, they play it tight and they play it fast. They play bluegrass.

LBF Preview: Mr. Baber’s Neighbors

Iowa has always been a rural society. Its black soil and the folks who work it have long been its backbone and its greatest strength. Even as the Hawkeye State becomes more urban and more metropolitan, it is nice to be reminded of our rural strengths. It’s why we have the world’s best sweet corn. It’s why we can enjoy festivals devoted specifically to bacon. It’s why we have a band like Mr. Baber’s Neighbors.

LBF preview: Rebel Creek

Rebel Creek, a band known for it’s distinct fusion of psychedelic, bluesy jam rock, has been making quite the impression throughout Iowa—both because of their age and because of their rare talent.

Music University: M. Shawn Crahan at Drake Nov. 15

MU_100The Greater Des Moines Music Coalition’s Music University and Drake University’s Entrepreneurship Program present M. Shawn Crahan: On Living Your Dreams, Slipknot and Life. Shawn will share his experience with making your imagination into reality, the success of his work, and getting busy in life before it’s too late. He will also share many stories about his journey in the music industry. The free seminar will be held at Drake University’s Meredith Hall Room #101 on Tuesday, November 15 from 6-7pm.

LBF profile: MooseKnuckle

“Tell everybody to bring a towel,” says MooseKnuckle singer-keyboardist Nate Finestead regarding his band’s upcoming Little BIG Fest performance, Nov. 18 at Hotel Fort Des Moines. “And they might want to have an extra set of clothes, too, because they’re going to be wet from dancing.”

Join us for Music Saves December 4 at Badowers

MusicSavesJoin the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition for Music Saves on Sunday, December 4, from 5 – 7 p.m. at Badowers before the Wilco show. Come network with DMMC members, musicians, industry professionals, volunteers and music fans to learn more about how the DMMC is inspiring a music revival and join the movement. DMMC members and non-members welcome to attend this free event.


Music Saves is our way of saying “thank you” to all of our members, music fans and community leaders for their continual support. This year’s event will feature ticket giveaways, raffles, free appetizers and drinks provided by Badowers, and much more.


Little BIG Fest profile: bella soul

Watch bella soul’s Tina Haase Findlay onstage and you’ll forget all about the beer-enhanced conversation that seemed imminently important a moment ago. Brimming with talent, Haase Findlay takes the stage with big-city polish—think Aretha Franklin meets Ann and Nancy Wilson. Leveraging her soulful voice and powerful onstage presence, she makes an audience pretty much her plaything—which seems to suit everyone just fine by the time they’re joining the final lamenting chorus of Franklin’s “Chain of Fools” or shouting out the refrain of the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter.”

Little BIG Fest profile: The Big Wu

Andy Miller of The Big Wu is describing the vibe at his band’s shows to a Little BIG Fest newbie, and he’s definitely not overselling. “The first thing is that the band is very casual,” he says. “We don’t dress up in identical outfits. We’re not particularly good-looking. Nobody’s doing sit-ups in the band…”