The Vahnevants release new record, “Freakout People”

The Vahnevants could hold their own at a blues festival, any rock show, a country bar, a house show, the back of a bus, or on-stage at 80/35.  There is something familiar about their music and presence, yet, there are parts of their songs that might make you tilt your head and think, “that’s odd…but I like it.”

The Vahnevants recently celebrated the release of their new record, Freakout People, at the Vaudeville Mews in early 2020.  Joined that evening by acts DJ DJ Tanner, Bob Bucko Jr, and Heavy Gratitude, the night was full of beautiful art, great music, and loving support from the crowd. The sets seemed to flow straight into each other with abstract interludes and each act ended up contributing parts to The Vahnevants’ set as well.  With the band also releasing a limited vinyl press of their previous album, Bum Out!, and a four song tape from their session on the DMMC podcast, In The Birdroom With Jordan Mayland, included in the first 50 copies of Freakout People, there was plenty to celebrate and support.

But don’t just take our word for it! Head over to their website, find them on Spotify and Apple, order their record, and support this rare gem of talent located right here in Des Moines, Iowa.

If you want more details on the band and their brand new record, Freakout People, follow this link to the Iowa City publication, Little Village, and dig in to a great article and review by Trey Reis.

(Listen to The Vahnevants In The Birdroom episode HERE)