This is your holiday stimulus. No tricks, no gimmicks, show us your talent, show us your passion, give us the ultimate show and we will give you $5000 cash. All ages and all genres are invited to “Launch Your Talent”. Many will enter but only one can win the cash prize. Receive the MOST points from our judges and you can win $5000 cash. Crowd response also helps determine our $5000 winner so bring your fans. Friday, December 30, 2011 at Adventureland Palace Theater where LaunchPad DMI Entertainment and its sponsors want to help you “Launch Your Talent!”


Format: Contestants will perform in front of a live audience and 5 Expert Judges who will be scoring on elements of technique (Skills, Originality, Delivery, Stage Presence and Showmanship). The contestants who receive the top 4 scores from the Judges will advance to the Encore Finale. If by chance 2 or more contestants happen to receive the same scores from the Judges it will depend on the audience to push them through to the Encore Finale.


The $5,000 Grand Prize winner will be determined in the Encore Finale solely by crowd response. “THE SHOW” executives will be gaging the crowd’s response with a decibel reader to insure an accurate final decision. 


$5,000 CASH will be presented to the Grand Prize Winner by LaunchPad DMI’s CEO, Bo James himself where he will wish them well as they prepare to be launched to the next level of their careers and beyond.


The reason why “The Show” is the ultimate talent contest is because it is a contest where THERE ARE NO LOSERS! All participants are given the opportunity to create revenue for themselves at “The Show”. Making themselves a WINNER before the contest begins!!!


“The Show” is a family friendly event.
All performances will contain “G” Rated content.

“The Show” promotes Music Excellence, Launching and Supporting Local Talent, Family Interaction, DIVERSITY and Community Activism.

Can you say “Holiday Stimulus”? We are making these holidays more special, more memorable and more festive.

Be Amazed! Be Inspired! Be Entertained!