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Call for Environmentally Conscious Art at 80/35!

With litter clean-up, recycling, and a free bike valet, 80/35 Music Festival has always been environmentally conscious. For the 10th anniversary, we’re adding composting to reduce unnecessary waste and to practice increasing mindfulness of our ecological footprint! The average American tosses 1,200 lbs. of compostable waste into the landfill each year and as a country,… Read more »

80/35 sets the standard for Midwest music festivals

As a co-chair of the inaugural Middle Waves Music Festival, Alison Gerardot plays a key role in the marketing and business development efforts for a multi-day festival featuring 20+ acts from the indie rock, hip hop, and electronic worlds including The Flaming Lips, Best Coast, Doomtree, JEFF The Brotherhood, and Sidewalk Chalk. Taking place on… Read more »

Growth of the Des Moines Music Scene

  Des Moines’ music scene may not be on a top ten list, but we’re vying for a spot. We know our music scene is great and we’ve seen it grow significantly over the past ten years with music festivals like 80/35, 515 Alive, Hinterland, and more. We also know our musicians are some of… Read more »

Call for (Cat) Art!

In conjuction with the 9th life of the 80/35 music festival, the Des Moines Music Coalition is hosting a curated pop-up art exhibition at the Des Moines Social Club on June 30! Requirements: – The art must be cat or kitten-themed – Only 2-dimensional, hanging pieces will be accepted – Pieces selected for the exhibition must be… Read more »

Kris Adams

Kris Adams’ beats will make you dance—the vocals will have you hooked. While most rap ensembles tend to be lyric heavy and rely on featured guests, Adams stands up to other hype all on his own. More spoken word than anything, he commands the stage in a modest way—playing off of the audience and keeping… Read more »

Holy White Hounds

It’s tough to think of a more pure rock band in Iowa than Holy White Hounds. Everything about them, from the way they act, to the way they dress, to the way they play is the absolute height of rock and roll. Their music is dirty, grimy, and sexy. They’re a rock band through and… Read more »

Shy Boys

Many musicians will remember the first songs they wrote and recorded—probably with a tape recorder in a bedroom, or perhaps in a friend’s basement on a four-track cassette. The songs themselves are presumably a bit ramshackle but none-the-less heartfelt; the true artist will still shine thru even during the most primitive stage of a songwriter’s… Read more »

Music University: On the Road with the Bands of 80/35

The Greater Des Moines Music Coalition is excited to present a free panel at 80/35 for people who are interested in life on the road as a performing artist. Music writer and Des Moines resident, Marc Hogan (Pitchfork, Spin, Paste) will moderate a discussion on how to tour successfully with the following special guests: -Tom… Read more »

The Definitive Guide to the Parties of 80/35

We are excited to be teaming up with Mission Creek Festival and Maximum Ames this year to present The Parties of 80/35! While providing more music entertainment options for those hanging out in Des Moines over the weekend, these parties also highlight the vibrant and diverse music community in and around Des Moines. The best… Read more »

One Track Minds- Annalibera “Battle World”

Welcome to “ONE TRACK MINDS” with Erika Rae Owen from Band Bombshell and Chris Knauf, Board member of the Des Moines Music Coalition.  Each week, Erika and Chris take turns selecting a song of their choice, listen to it together for the first time, and document their reactions, thoughts and witty banter via instant messenger. … Read more »

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