Hip Hop 101

Led by Hip Hop musician, Dom Russell (Chill Mac), engineer/producer, Anthony Maldonado (AMmixes), & other special guests, students in multiple schools get an opportunity to hone their craft and dive into songwriting, producing, recording, and more.

The Hip Hop 101 program can be tailored for elementary, middle, and high schools, and each program is unique to the school in which it takes place. Through a great partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa, DMMC and has set up Hip Hop 101 programs within Meredith Middle SchoolAmos Hiatt Middle SchoolEast High SchoolMcCombs Middle SchoolMoore ElementaryGregory & Suzie Glazer Burt Club at Drake University, Oak Park Elementary, North High School, and more!

Each after-school program runs for approximately six weeks and during this time students participate and collaborate in song production, lyric writing, beat making and more.  While each student may have their individual goals in music, we like to make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate in the creative process and often spend time creating beats, making songs, discussing lyric flow, and learning how to record vocals.

Hip Hop 101 is also a major part of our annual Music Summer Camps.  Students have an opportunity to sign up for a more intensive version of our after-school curriculum, with a big focus on performance as all students will get the chance to rock our 80/35 Music Festival. To learn more about getting involved or bringing Hip Hop 101 to your classroom or community, email Program Manager Jordan Mayland at jordan@desmoinesmc.com.

Thanks to our donors and sponsors, our Music Summer Camps are pay-what-you can, and all after school programs are free of charge. Consider donating to support DMMC youth programs today!