Iowa has a long-standing tradition of all things heavy in music. As metal continued to tighten its stranglehold on the musical output of our state over the past few years, many began stretching the genre in different directions. We’ve seen the resurgence of punk and hardcore scenes in cities like Cedar Falls and Iowa City, and pockets of experimental and noise music throughout the state have seen unprecedented growth and support over the last decade.

Through it all, Aseethe has remained a heavy-hitter, pushing the envelope for experimentation in the genre with every release. From the band’s roots in grunge and nu-metal, the band continued to thicken their sound with elements of ambient and drone music, oftentimes utilizing synthesizers and samples to further separate their music from the rest of the metal pack. In that regard, their long-form tracks tend to resemble movements rather than traditional song structures.

Considering the band’s long history of pushing genre boundaries, it’s no surprise to hear that their newest album, Hopes of Failure, was picked up by Chicago’s excellent, genre-spanning label, Thrill Jockey. Following a midwest tour in support of the release, the Iowa City trio will return to play this year’s Gross Domestic Product festival. Throw your earplugs away and prepare for an Aseethe-an sonic assault on the Vaudeville Mews stage at 8:00.

Written by Treynor Reis

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GDP is organized by the nonprofit the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC). GDP 2017 is made possible with the generous support of Bravo Greater Des Moines, Iowa TaproomYelp DSMConfluence Brewing CompanyVital Signs Display Graphics, VolunteerLocalSaturday Mfg.KFMG 98.9 FMVaudeville Mews, and 4th Street Theatre.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is an all Iowa music festival featuring musical artists from Greater Des Moines and across Iowa. Coordinated by the Des Moines Music Coalition and a team of volunteers, the goal of GDP is to organize an event that best supports Iowa musicians and their needs for growth in the music industry.

For 2017, our main objectives are (1) to boost exposure and build the audience for smaller, up-and-coming Iowa acts, (2) to bring more acts from outside Des Moines to expose local artists to new ideas, and (3) to continue supporting the genre diversity represented in the 2016 festival. As in the past, GDP continues to support primarily young and new artists who are taking their first steps into creative self-expression through music and doing so in a positive, collaborative way.

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