GDP 2017 Iowa Music Fest set for April 29, 2017!

The 12th annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) music festival, hosted by the Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC), will be held in downtown Des Moines on Saturday, April 29, 2017. GDP announces 16 acts to perform the all-Iowa music festival with Ames’ Neon & Nude (Leslie Hall & Kate Kennedy) and Iowa City’s Halfloves to headline. Performances will take place at Vaudeville Mews and 4th Street Theatre with pop-up shows on April 22 in stores around the East Village. The festival will also feature an educational discussion “MU Workshop: Turn it up to 11” day-of the festival with speaker Eric Quiner (Camp Euforia, Eufórquestra) as part of the Music University Series 2017. 



Tickets are on sale now:

All performances at 4th Street Theatre are free and all ages. At Vaudeville Mews, the early show is $5 (all ages) and the late show is $8 (21+). All-Access Festival Passes are $10 and provide admittance to all shows at both venues.



Sign up to volunteer for a free All-Access Festival Pass:



Vaudeville Mews Late Show (21+)

$8 or All-Access Festival Pass

11:45    Halfloves

10:45    The Uniphonics

10:00    Starry Nights

9:15      Pets with Human Names


Vaudeville Mews Early Show (All Ages)

$5 or All-Access Festival Pass

8:00      Aseethe

7:00      Neon & Nude (a Leslie Hall & Kate Kennedy project)

6:15      Dustin Smith

5:45      Younger


4th Street Theatre (All Ages)

FREE admission!

9:45      The Blendours

9:00      As For You (Community-Selected Artist)

8:15      Lily DeTaeye

7:30      Kaleena (Community-Selected Artist)

6:45      Good Morning Midnight (Community-Selected Artist)

6:00      Ramona & the Sometimes

5:15      Derek Muse Lambert

4:30      Golly & the Geebirs

2:00      “MU Workshop: Turn it up to 11” w/ Eric Quiner of Camp Euforia & Eufórquestra

Topics for this musician workshop include making more out of what you already do, expanding your reach as an artist, creating a marketing plan, developing an overall better quality of life as a working musician, and turning it up to 11!


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Official Hashtag: #GDP17

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is an all Iowa music festival featuring musical artists from Greater Des Moines and across Iowa. Coordinated by the Des Moines Music Coalition and a team of volunteers, the goal of GDP is to organize an event that best supports Iowa musicians and their needs for growth in the music industry.

For 2017, our main objectives are (1) to boost exposure and build the audience for smaller, up-and-coming Iowa acts, (2) to bring more acts from outside Des Moines to expose local artists to new ideas, and (3) to continue supporting the genre diversity represented in the 2016 festival. As in the past, GDP continues to support primarily young and new artists who are taking their first steps into creative self-expression through music and doing so in a positive, collaborative way. 



The Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC) is a non-profit organization and collaborative movement of musicians, promoters, venues, businesses, community leaders, and live music fans who are committed to building a stronger and more diverse live music economy in Greater Des Moines. Through DMMC’s mission to support and cultivate Iowa’s music economy, their vision is to establish and maintain Des Moines as a nationally recognized music city.