End The Wrld’s Phil Young (bassist for Annalibera) and Annalibera have put together a electronic pop song that will get your groovin’ in your seat. Here’s a word from the duo on the years-in-the-making collaboration:

“End the Wrld and Annalibera are not strangers. Phil Young (End the Wrld) plays bass in Anna Gebhardt’s Des Moines, IA based band Annalibera. Their collaboration on ’5 to 9′ marks the first official release by End the Wrld since 2008.”

Check it out below. It mixes the best of Tires’ electro-sound and Annalibera’s feminine vocals. Listening, I have this ridiculously perfect movie trailer image of rebel hipster entourage strutting into an exotic, sequins-y dance club. I would go to clubs if they played music like this.