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On October 19th the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition is presenting a daylong conference designed to provide professional development tools and networking opportunities to both professionals and young people who dream of entering the music business.

Iowa is full of talented young people who dream about a life of performing and producing music for the rest of us to enjoy.  They play, they write, they want to make records – but they don’t quite know where to start creating a successful business.

You can change that!  One small contribution of just $15 will provide a scholarship for a student (age 14 – 19) to attend Music University. There they will learn from some of the best professionals in the industry.

Imagine the thrill of attending a workshop led by Wilco’s guitatrist, Nels Cline or hear Imagine Dragons’ producer, Brandon Darner, discuss the art of making great records.

Students will join professionals to learn how to book their first “gig”, get publicity for their band, be educated by legal and copyright experts and learn the details of behind the scenes production and touring.

Yes, those budding artists in the garage next door will learn a lot at Music University, but for some kids even the student rate of $15 is a serious chunk of change.  Please make it possible for them to attend.  Your support will make a real difference.

Please donate now to send one or more kids to Music University.  Thank you.


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