Words and photos by Palina Prasasouk

John the Bastard just released their first full-length album, “A Lake Giant.” Writer and photographer Palina Prasosouk sat down with the group to get the low-down on their music and a few fun facts about the band. Listen to their music here. Congratulations, guys!

From top left, clockwise: Mike,  Nic, Ryan, and Micah

From top left, clockwise: Mike, Nic, Ryan, and Micah

Micah Sturdevant – guitar, vocals
Ryan C. Meier – bass
Nicolai Christensen – guitar
Mike Klein – drums

Q: Who is John the Bastard and why is he a bastard?
Micah: The name is a pun of John the Baptist. He’s a character, a personality of the dark side. He’s a bastard because he’s selfish. He flies solo.
Q: Do you have any other albums?
Mike: This is our first and our greatest hits album.
Q: How did you meet?
Micah: In college. Class of 2003 at Iowa State as botany majors except for Ryan. He was an English major.
Q: So, Ryan you’re an english major, did you write the lyrics to the songs?
Ryan: No. I’m the bass player. Bass players don’t write lyrics. Micah’s the writer and it’s all these guys.

Q: If you could fight an animal what would it be?
Mike: Puma
Nic: Pachyderms, they’re mean and smart
Ryan: Eagles. There’s something epic about them. You could hide from them.
Micah: Elk. Wouldn’t you want to grab their antlers, bring them down and stab ‘em.

What’s your favorite song on the album?
Ryan: I don’t even know what they’re called. “Flight of the Bastard”
Nic: I like all of them, but I really like playing “Blow to the Head”.
Mike: Yeah, “Blow to the Head”
Micah: Same song. It’s about public execution.
Q: What’s next for John the Bastard?
Ryan: Finding a practice space.
Micah: We’re on the compilation of Iowa artists that Dan from Fetal Pig is making. It’s all done on 4-tracks.