In The Birdroom With Jordan Mayland is the DMMC podcast that features local bands, musicians, and all things Iowa Music! Jordan Mayland invites musicians into Birdroom Studio, his recording studio, to chat about music, upcoming shows, releases, and much more! Plus, we couldn’t let a band leave Birdroom Studio without a recording session, which we also release with each episode. Learn about the bands, our music scene, upcoming DMMC events, programs and more!  Stream each episode below or find In The Birdroom on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or where you listen to podcasts! Subscribe, review, and let us know what you think!

Penny Peach is a pipes-wieldin’, guitar-squealin’, soul-stealin’, mistress of the indie/garage rock genre. PP combines her love of vocal jazz with a fever for psychedelia to bring a sound that’s soulful, stanky, and slightly sinister.

Penny Peach was not only the July Artist of the Month, but the final guest on “In The Birdroom” podcast.  Get to know the band and listen to two great songs recorded live during this session!


The Finesse are the June Iowa Artist of the Month and we loved having them be the first band back IN-PERSON In The Birdroom to discuss their music, chats about diversity, trans rights, and their involvement in  Juneteenth: The Movement (6/19). Big thanks to Madison, Krista, Allen, and Gabe for their time and work within the community. Plus, check out a special version of their tune, “Colors,” performed and recorded IN THE BIRDROOM.

“Creature of Habit” might be the latest from Elizabeth Moen, but there’s much more from where that came from and new music on the way!  Jordan geeks out with Elizabeth about her music, process, recording in San Fransisco, and more.  Check out the 40th episode of “In The Birdroom!”

King Wylde is the May Iowa Artist of the Month, and though “Faultless” may be his first official solo EP, this isn’t his first rodeo.  Get to know more about Rudy Miller, his projects, and more!

Emory English is an eighteen year old musician from Des Moines Iowa who just put out his first official EP, “Exotica,” as Dow Jones.  Emory has rocked 80/35, participated in DMMC Music Education classes, as well as taking leadership roles in organizing online virtual music events!  Get to him and check out “Exotica” where you stream music or head to www.misterdowjones.bandcamp.com to pick up a cd, vinyl, and more.

Get to know Patrick Joseph MacCready as we discuss his new McKenna Alise and the Great Galvanic Divide album, “Stupid Kid, Ruined Everything,” as well as his involvement in the musical projects such as Cold Winds and Jinnouchi Power!  Find the album where you stream music and make sure to give his bands a follow.

On episode 36 we are chatting with one of the Artist of the Month acts, Glass Ox, who have recently released their new EP “Temptress” and are putting on their second live-streamed concert April 17th. Give them a follow, check out that stream, & give the show a listen!

Find Glass Ox on Facebook and check out their music and merch HERE.

Original Photo by Alyssa Leicht

The new album from Hex Girls, “Pop Fluff,” is officially out, and we chat all about it on this episode.  Not to mention, Hex Girls, along with Glass Ox, are the first Artist of the Month acts for our new series with Iowa Public Radio and Good Morning Iowa.  Get to know the guys behind the band as we discuss recording, Teletubbies, videos, and more!  Visit www.hexgirls.com to pick up their new record!

Kane Edwards is an Iowa City rock musician involved in the bands Lipstick Homicide, Kane and the Stubborn Stains, Death Kill Overdrive, and more!

Head to www.kaneedwards.bandcamp.com to dive in more!


The Des Moines Music Coalition is so excited to debut the brand new single, “Mother Mountain,” from Patresa Hartman on this episode!  The song will be streaming where you listen to music in March, but for now check out a great conversation with Patresa Hartman and hear the track exclusively on IN THE BIRDROOM!

Learn more at www.patresahartman.com

Dang Felton chats with Jordan about teaching music, instrumentation, being a full-time musician, and much more. Plus, we’ve got SPECIAL MUSIC back for this episode with an excellent virtual collaboration between Jordan and Dang. Head to www.dangfelton.com to check out more info on his music!

Casey Joe Collins and Jordan chat about the creative process, recording studios, college endeavors, and more!  Visit here to learn more about Casey Joe Collins!

Des Moines musician, EleanorGrace, chats with Jordan about her music, her song, “Lighthouse,” reaching over a half million streams, her next steps, and much more.  Visit www.eleanor-grace.com for more great stuff!


Madison Ray is not only a local musician who is involved in the Des Moines art and entertainment industry, but is also one of the main organizers of the first Iowa Public Radio/xBk Live “Holiday Special” airing December 20th on Iowa Public Radio! Get to know Madison Ray, more about the Holiday Special and stick around for special music host, Jordan Mayland, put together for the Holiday Special with help from Des Moines musicians, Courtney Krause and Tommy Doggett!

End The Wrld has been somewhat of a collaborative project from local musician and sound engineer Phil Young. But recently through an In The Birdroom collaborative effort, Phil, along with Jordan, Diana Weishaar, and Chris Lachky, have come together to put out new music with the hopes of benefiting local organization The Supply Hive.  All proceeds raised through the new single, “Enough Is Enough” will be donated to The Supply Hive and the band has agreed to match up to $100 of donations to the organization as well.  Go HERE to pick up the song and help those in need!

Photography by Forever Gold/Michael Watson

80/35 and GDP alums, Karen Meat, were generous enough to take some time and chat with Jordan about what the band has been up to, how they work on music, and future plans for releasing new Karen Meat music!  Thanks to Dana Telsrow and Arin Eaton for the fun chat!  Check out their brand new live recording of “Tell Me Who I Am” HERE!

Fred Love is not only a fine musician residing in Ames, Iowa, but he is also a main organizer for Maximum Ames Music Festival, which on its 10th year anniversary succeeded by going virtual.  Go HERE to watch the full day of festivities and discover more Fred Love music by going here! Also, enjoy special music that Fred and Jordan put together for this episode!

Dom Russell/Chill Mac has been involved in the DMMC Music Education Program as a Hip Hop instructor for the past three years.  He has also been actively involved in the Des Moines music scene with his acts Tha Fut, D.O.M., and Chill Mac.  Expect the full length Chill Mac album to be released soon and get to know Dom Russell.  Plus, enjoy a special song recorded In The Birdroom specifically for this episode!

Photography by Lucas Leeland.

Forest Cochran is a Des Moines musician involved in many projects such as Cold Winds, Jinnouchi Power, as well as his new project, Forest and Family.  Jordan and Forest chat about a great many things as well collaborate on two songs from Forest!  Head to www.forestandfamily.bandcamp.com to check out his new album and order the new 7″ record!


Jordan chats with the organizers of the annual concert and fundraising event, KAPP-A-PALOOZA.  The show will go on this August 8th, from noon-11:00pm, VIRTUALLY, and we’re looking forward to it!  To join KAPP-A-PALOOZA live head to twitch.tv/nystromproductions and enjoy the show!  Or head to www.desmoinesmc.com/events for more info on the event! Thanks again to Jordan Kappos, Nick Nystrom, and Matt Launspach for joining us on the show and bringing the DMMC into KAPP-A-PALOOZA 11!

Joel Sires of TWINS joins Jordan virtually In The Birdroom to discuss the new TWINS album, Joel’s musical background and history, and a lot more.  Plus, we get to hear an unfinished tune called “Feast of Maria” that Joel and Jordan collaborate on and a track called “Buffalo Snow” from the new album.

The new TWINS album, “Dream On” can be found at www.twinstheband.com or search for “Twins the band” on Google, Spotify, or Apple to track down the Waterloo, Iowa based band. A portion of album sale proceeds will be donated to the NAACP.
Photo By Karl Haglund.

Iowa band, LAV.ISH has just released a stunning new album called “Lost and Fond.” They join Jordan virtually In The Birdroom and we find out about the writing process, how they produce and record all of their own music, and much more.  Check out “Lost and Fond” everywhere streaming, and make sure to put that period in their name when searching for “Lav.ish” on Spotify, Apple, or where you stream and purchase your favorite music! Photo by Jonah Jensen from 80/35 2019.

DJ Marty McFly (Martin Botts) chats about his experiences in the Iowa DJ circuit, moving to Colorado to home his skills, developing Conscious Crew back in Iowa, being involved in the music community, and providing positive artistic and creative environments.  Plus, we get a fun musical collaboration between him and Jordan! Check out all things Conscious Crew HERE!

Brian Clark and DubYou of Lyric X-Press hang out In the Birdroom with Jordan to tell their stories, share some positive lessons and messages, and dive into the creative process writing Hip-Hop.  Lyric-Xpress is based out of Des Moines, Iowa, and is considered a collective of Artists who seek only positivity and success for our city. Through working hand-in-hand with local businesses, organizations, and individuals, Lyric-Xpress look to strive for a better platform for local talent. This is a really great chat and we appreciate DubYou and Brain Clark coming in! Head to their website to learn more and dig into their music! If you’re searching Spotify/Apple music search Brian Clark Music or DubYou!

Andrew Jones of Zap Tura joins Jordan In The Birdroom to discuss his music, recording, future album plans, and much more. Andrew grew up in Des Moines and went to Hoover High School. He currently plays in the bands Pleasants as well as his solo project, Zap Tura. Jordan and Andrew also go down The Beach Boys rabbit hole and discuss their mutual love for Brian Wilson! PLUS, not only does Andrew record two songs (“Sailboat” and “Fright”) In The Birdroom, but we also get to debut a brand new track from his upcoming album, so make sure to listen to the full episode because “Thank You,” debuts at the end of the episode!

Local musician and Girls Rock! Des Moines director, Sara Routh joins Jordan In The Birdroom to talk about her journey and adventures being a musician. From growing up in Norwalk and being surrounded by mostly jazz, to discovering pop music, studying music at Simpson College, recording albums, traveling to New York, China, and LA to pursue her musical ambitions, we discover a side of Sara we didn’t know existed! This really is a fascinating chat, and we also get to hear two unreleased songs Sara performs In the Birdroom that Jordan helps produce and collaborates on.  Check out sararouth.com for more information about her music, upcoming shows, and more! Thanks again to Sara for taking the time to chat!

Get to know Des Moines musician, Lily DeTaeye.  Lily has been making music since she was fourteen and her newest album, BiTe Back, has been making waves in the music scene since its October 2019 release on Station 1 Records.  At twenty-two, Lily has already had three releases, she is currently on a midwest tour, and will be one of our musical guests February 29th for  Backstage Ball at Noce!  Lily also throws down two songs In The Birdroom, one of which is unreleased. Check out more on Lily DeTaeye by heading over to her website, find her performing, buy her music, or join us at Backstage Ball! 

Des Moines synth-pop group, Contakta, joins Jordan In The Birdroom to chat about the band, how they write music together, the formation of the group, how each members brings certain elements into the creative process, and more! We also get a few great tunes from the session, one of which is an unreleased song called “If You Can,” that Jordan gets to rip some guitar for! Contakta will be performing February 22nd at xBk with Twinsmith. Click HERE for show details and HERE to hear more from Contakta! Dig in and enjoy!

Local musician, Joryn Brown, spent some time In The Birdroom, and boy, did we get into a lot! We recorded five songs, all of which were mainly put together the day of the session! We chat about Joryn’s love for music, bands he’s involved in, and much more. As a disclaimer, we do end up chatting about a hand injury Joryn sustained in some detail and what it took to overcome things physically, mentally, and how the music scene rallied behind his recovery. Get ready for a great chat and fun music! Check out some of Joryn’s projects: Lvvmaking, Crooked Torus, Quick Piss, Satellite State, TiRES, Men in Lead Masks.

The Vahnevants close out 2019 with our final podcast episode of the year! The band talks with Jordan about their history, they perform four songs In The Birdroom, and also chat about dreams, philosophy, and more! Don’t miss their album release show, January 18th at The Vaudeville Mews, where you can pick up their new record, Freakout People!

This is a fun one! Star Wars themed band, The Han Solo Project, gets deep with Jordan with their shared love for Star Wars! They chat about how the movies inspire all of their music, how they write the songs, what drives them to do this, and of course we go deep down the Star Wars rabbit hole! PLUS, The Han Solo Project record two songs In The Birdroom that we had a lot of fun time with as well. We also share our theories on what might happen in Star Wars IX: The Rise Of Skywalker, but we promise no spoilers. We have not seen the film during the making of this podcast. May the force be with you!

Photography By Alyssa Leicht.

Success! GDP 2019 was such a great time and we are so excited the community came out to support Iowa music! Jordan gives his GDP wrap up and  thoughts on the impact of supporting local. Plus we get information on funding the DMMC Music Education programs and how you can help! Click Here for more information on Music Education, Click Here to read more about Daniel and how those programs impacted him, or Click Here to donate to the cause!

Check out the 2nd all things GDP episode! We hear tunes from GDP performers Ducharme-Jones, DubYou, Druids, Andrew Hoyt, Pink Neighbor, Contakta, and Extravision! Plus, get all of the last minute details concerning GDP coming up 11/23 in downtown Des Moines between the 4th Street Theater and Vaudeville Mews. Doors are 2:00, and we’ll be rocking ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT! Grab your tickets here!

Gleaner was In The Birdroom and boy was it a fun time! Though their music is quite aggressive, the Gleaner guys are very sweet and thoughtful. We chat about their history as a band, their strong connection playing music together, and joke around quite a bit! This is a fun one. Plus, the boys play two Gleaner songs, and record a tune as their alter-ego side-project band, The Brian Peppers Orchestra. Also, learn more about GDP coming up!

This episode is all about GDP, which is coming up November 23rd! Hear music from GDP acts Sires, Lvvmaking, Chill Mac, EleanorGrace, Greg Wheeler and the Polygamist Mall Cops, The Host Country, and Closet Witch! Plus get information on tickets, parking, and more!

Our guest on the our 6th episode of In The Birdroom With Jordan Mayland was Luke Belknap of the projects Huxley Maxwell, Person Whale, Pleasants, Heavy Gratitude, Goldblums, and more. Luke and Jordan chat about the recording, writing, and creative process, and much more. Plus, we get some beautifully ambient music from Luke recorded in The Birdroom!

Halfloves took a few hours out of their day to hang out with Jordan In The Birdroom. We chat about the creative process putting songs together for their new album, Dazer. Learn how a specific dream influenced a tune, details on putting together beautiful videos, and more. Plus the groups puts a new touch on a previously released song that they record with Jordan. Pick up their new album, Dazer, by going to their website!

Jordan chats with Ryan Stier of Extravision about his story playing music, going to Simpson College, starting The River Monks, and his newest group Extravision. We also get two wonderful Extravision performances recorded in The Birdroom! Check out more Extravision music by going HERE!
Extravision Facebook.

Bryon Dudley, of Nova Labs, Maximum Ames Music Festival, The Spacement, and many Ames bands stopped by Birdroom Studio to chat with Jordan about all things Ames music and the guys put together two songs of Bryon’s as well!

Jordan invites Greg Wheeler and The Polygamist Mall Cops in as his first guests IN THE BIRDROOM. We chat about their history as a band, putting out vinyl records, and the band rips through three tunes recorded live IN THE BIRDROOM!
Head over to www.polymallcops.com to purchase their new 7″ record, Room, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast!