Reviewer Steven Hyden listed a performance from PCC as the best he saw this year, and also gave the band’s album “Stranger Ballet” votes toward best album of the year.


Here’s what Hyden had to say about PCC:

“One night this summer, I sat in the back of a downtown Milwaukee bar with maybe 20 other people and saw Iowa indie-rock band The Poison Control Center try to make every corny rock ’n’ roll myth I’ve ever heard come to life. The guitar player played power chords while doing the splits. The other guitar player soloed while standing on his head. They sang love songs and tried to lead sing-alongs of songs nobody knew. They demanded that the audience sweat as hard as they were sweating; failing that, they rubbed their own sweat against us. And you know what? It worked. I felt 10 years younger and a whole lot less cynical when I walked out that night. Special bonus: The band’s record, Stranger Ballet, is fantastic.”