Every year at the annual Backstage Ball, the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition recognizes individuals and organizations who have made a meaningful contribution to the improvement of Des Moines’ music scene. Do you know someone who has had a positive impact on the Greater Des Moines music community in 2016? This could be a musician/band, promoter, fan, writer, venue, educator, community leader, or artist! A volunteer committee will select the final nominees to be recognized at Backstage Ball on Friday, February 24, 2017.

Tell us who you’d like to see recognized and why by emailing us at info@desmoinesmc.com with the subject line “BSB Nomination.”

Submissions for nominees will close on Saturday, December 31st.

Backstage Ball is still early in the planning stages! If you’d like to volunteer for a committee or join a meeting for more information, email your inquiry to info@desmoinesmc.com.