If you’re a solo musician, band, promoter, or anyone in between, please join us for a conversation about touring as an artist. Touring doesn’t just mean a long string of dates during which you travel the country or world; it can also be regularly playing throughout the year in places that aren’t your home.

We’ve invited a number of people from within our own music community that have experience touring, but more importantly, we’re inviting you! We want to hear why you want to tour, why you care about sharing your music! We want to hear your stories and experiences, good and bad! We want to brainstorm together and help each other out, sharing booking tips, promotion tactics, and favorite venues. Our goal is to share the brilliant culture of Iowa music with the rest of the country and eventually, the world, and if we’re going to be successful, we need to work together!

Of course, talking can only be interesting for so long, so we’ll also have an excellent musical performance by Luke Belknap and, most importantly, FOOD! This is a potluck, so bring something delicious (plus the event is free, so don’t be a bum, bring some veggies, y’hear?).

Chris Ford of Christopher the Conquered & Maximum Ames Records and Jill Haverkamp of the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition & On Pitch will be hosting/moderating the discussion, so if you’ve ever wanted to give either of them a piece of your mind, now’s your chance!

Music University: On the Road: Building a Tour and Surviving It
Friday, May 18
Performance by Luke Belknap, plus others TBA
Orange Gentleman, 702 Clark Ave., Ames
Organized by the DMMC and Maximum Ames Records