A crew from The Current, part of Minnesota Public Radio, made it a point to come hang out in Des Moines for our summer festival, 80/35, this year! They had some really nice things to say about their experience. Here’s a taste:

“For all the music festivals we have in the Twin Cities, it was interesting to note that nothing comes close to the atmosphere that 80/35 has. The DMMC was able to wrangle and curate dozens of indie local and national bands on free and paid stages with a slew of local vendors over two days. And for once, the corporate sponsors were hardly the main focus, a clear indication that the festival organizers were intent on making an experience founded on community. I don’t know if 80/35 has always been this well run in the past, but major cities should take a cue from this small pocket of Iowa who are obviously smart about implementing their ideas and creating long-term goals for the cultural health of a metropolitan region.”

Read the entire article here. 

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