Run Wilson

Status: active. The listing author last logged in August, 2022
Phone: 515-782-1873
Run Wilson is an Indie Rock/Pop band from Des Moines, IA . The project of Max Yoder and Luke Lilienthal, started in their high school's choir, has turned into a prominently driven ambition. Playing house parties in the summer of 2019 helped land them on the bill with Shane T and Ritt Momney at Vaudeville Mews. Spending the winter recording with Griffin Landa at The Establishment, the band released their debut EP Sherry Lane, soon after performing for a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd at Gilroy's Pub in West Des Moines, and at backyard and driveway shows through the summer. With its leading track "Blue Jean Dream" receiving just under 30,000 streams across all platforms in one year. The project has become popular in Urbandale, Des Moines, and college towns across the state. The group has spent the last eight months recording with Phil Young at Sonic Factory, on the brink of their first full length album, titled Hypna. This 14 track concept album illustrates the cycle of the mind, in the hypnagogic state between reality and unconsciousness. Breaking genre barriers, the album ties in folk and rock elements associated with inspiration from Chris Stapleton to The Beatles, as well as modern indie dream pop, with ties to Hippocampus and Dayglow. New singles "DiCaprio" and "In My Bed" have boosted streams and peaked interest amongst old and new listeners alike. Their monthly Spotify listener count has fluctuated in recent months between 300 and 400 listeners, which is expected to drastically rise after the release of the LP.