Rude Punch

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Phone: 563-529-0575
Address: Davenport, IA, USA
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Rude Punch is a Reggae/Rock band heavily influenced by Sublime, Bob Marley, 311, Slightly Stoopid and Pepper. Brady, Adam and Robb met up in high school and soon became very close friends, bonded by their love of Reggae, Ska, and alternative rock. They formed a band so that they could create a new version of the music they all loved. Rude Punch was formed in the basement of Brady's parent's house in 2005. They started out like most bands, playing parties, bars and small clubs in their hometown. As their popularity grew, they started getting bookings for festivals and other large scale events, even opening up at concerts for bands like Everclear, Pepper, The Wailers and Dark Star Orchestra. In 2006, they began to produce their debut CD, which at the time of this writing was still in the works but is very close to being completed. Their plan is to tour, tour, tour and play gigs wherever and whenever possible. Their true joy comes when performing their music live. When the audience is up, dancing and feeling the vibe, it's like Woodstock all over again. The band feeds off the crowd and vice-versa, the energy is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Brady is the lead vocalist and guitar front man. His vocals are clean and clear and he delivers the lyrics with power and grace. His versatility on the guitar bodes well for the band's wide range of influences, from Reggae to Ska to Rock and Roll. Adam is behind the drums and is a perfect fit for the band. Very talented and naturally gifted, Adam is the backbone of the band and provides a solid foundation to each song as well as sing back up on many cuts. Robb is the glue that keeps everything together with his bass lines, ranging from old school Reggae to high energy alternative with ease, style and confidence. His presence is essential to the bands success. Rude Punch is a band that is truely unique with blends of many influences, determined to spread their vibe around the world. Listen to their music or go to a show and watch them perform. Rude Punch will give you a feeling you won't soon forget! Booking: Facebook: Youtube: