Patresa Hartman

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ABOUT PATRESA..... Hartman's set is a soulful and dynamic collection of original songs. Taking turns behind both the guitar and the piano, Hartman’s compositions meld musical flavors of Janis Joplin, Miranda Lambert, Ingrid Michaelson, and Ani Difranco. Confessional lyrics and heart-opening melodies mingle with relatable storytelling to make every performance an intimate one and every audience a gathering of friends. Hartman’s debut album, "The Only Way Down," along with a companion book of essays, is expected early August 2014. // .....PRESS..... “Don’t be fooled by Patresa Hartman’s humble grace and self-effacing charm; this talent is a force to be reckoned with. Both her lyrics and her energy are infused with honesty, poetry, and artistry that are rare finds in today’s musicians.” (Alissa Sheldon, Iowa Music Buzz, May 28, 2013)..... // “...the surprising joy of Hartman’s sound [is] soul. Without succumbing to the vocal acrobatics that are pretty standard in music today..., Patresa takes us to church in her vocals just enough to let you know what she’s capable of without being braggadocious.” (Rae Fehring, Band Bombshell, March 27, 2014)..... // “Everything about Hartman’s music belies the strange trip that she’s taken to the stage. Her voice is so good; her songwriting is so tight. You can’t listen to her sing anything at all and not believe that she was born to it.” (Chad Taylor, Cityview Magazine, June 4, 2014)