Hot Kunch – Des Moines IA

Status: active. The listing author last logged in July, 2022
Address: Des Moines, IA, USA
Who Are We?: Hot Kunch was formed at Iowa State University in 2016 from an unofficial ISU club called GENRE. This club helped musicians meet each other based on what sound and genres they were pursuing. We all auditioned to be part of what was called “The Bar Band” and eventually got a weekly gig at Paddy’s Pub on Welch Ave. We learned around 100 cover songs for our “Live Band Karaoke”sets and after about a semester of drunk college kids asking if they can hold our instruments we decided to start pursuing our own music. While going to school we lost and replaced lead vocals, drums, and violin but still kept going. In 2021 we recorded 5 of our best songs with Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios near Iowa City. After having these songs we really took off and have been playing a minimum of 3 shows a month around the Midwest. We play everywhere but our strongest audiences are Des Moines and Ames and we are often revered for our on stage energy and antics. In April of 2022 we finished recording a string of singles that will be released throughout Summer/Fall 2022 What Do We Sound Like? Like most bands, we have a tendency to melt genres together. Mainly we fit into the realm of alternative rock that has hints of ambient, indie, math, and prog rock. We are a female fronted band, with a big emphasis in groovy and sometimes proggy rhythms, topped off with a classically trained lead violinist. We have been compared to bands such as the XX or Florence + the Machine. What We Offer We offer a mix of dynamic and high energy original music as well as covers we have tweaked, medleyed, and morphed so that you’ll never have to listen to a live jukebox. We are known for our high energy performances and on stage antics. Please use any of our live performance videos for reference!