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Time flies when you’re rocking out, and before you know it, THIRTEEN YEARS are in your rear view mirror. Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, GIMIKK has now survived & thrived longer than some of the artists they cover in their always ambitious stage show- a remarkable feat considering the eclectic tastes of its five members: Lead guitarist Jimmi V was born on the opposite side of the globe and is a Dokken disciple. Denison native Cy Kick multi-tasks as band manager, accountant, and Jimmi V’s six string protégé. Bassist Billy Seven is a card-carrying member of the KISS Army and a Des Moines East Sider 4 life. James Brinker spent his childhood in a Calhoun County cornfield and believes he is the love child of Freddie Mercury and David Lee Roth. Josh Tilton has lived in Florida, Tennessee, yet somehow wound up in Grimes, and worships Carter Beauford as any sane percussionist should. Iowa truly is a wonderful place to call home. State Fair, street dances, holiday festivals, RAGBRAI, weddings, dive bars- GIMIKK has traveled to every corner of the Hawkeye (or Cyclone) state and genuinely enjoys performing in front of America’s friendliest weekend warriors. Trends may come and go, but the spirit of LIVE MUSIC lives on. Here’s to many more years! See you soon.