DJ Brody

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Phone: 303-506-6311
Originating two hours outside of Atlanta, DJ Brody took his business to the Des Moines Metro to setup shop in 2012. Since then nothing but positive feedback has flowed, along with big opportunity for the DJ of just seventeen years old. In the past year, he has played a large role in the community of charity events. In the past seven months he has performed at three major fundraising occasions, such as the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure, along with the Tour De cure of Iowa City. But it does'nt stop there, Brody has provided unique flare and an experience unlike any other to multiple weddings along with Sweet 16 parties. Also emerging into Des Moines EDM and night club scene, Brody has spun' for multiple local hip hop artists such as Yella Boi, and MC Endi. He has also headlined shows at the House of Bricks. Being a teen himself, he knows how to connect with the kids, and knows what they want. Providing a service unlike any other, with prices so competitive, DJ Brody is the go-to DJ for Central Iowa. "Good Music, Good Party." 303.506.6311