Diamonds for Eyes

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Diamonds For Eyes don't need flashy terms like "transcendent." In fact, I don't think they even care about fancy labels or adjectives, they just want you to listen to their music. That's why I love this band -- there are zero pretenses. On the surface they're a husband and wife duo from Des Moines, Iowa. Their names are Kristen and Joshua Putney. They write simple songs with intelligent thoughtful lyrics. But if you peel back the skin, however, you suddenly realize this band is like a vast canyon, and much like Alice, if you're not careful you'll soon be tumbling head over heels in to Wonderland. For every song there is an antithesis; for every word, there is a deeper meaning. On any given night its unclear which set you'll catch -- a raucous rock show with a full compliment of instrumentation, or a stripped down acoustic performance seething with emotion and passion, or something in the middle. The rotating cast of characters only adds to the intrigue, but Kristen and Josh are the foundation. Kristen's plucky bass lines bounce from each refrain, while Josh's rich baritone sweetly sows their musical seeds in your head. The songs sprout and bloom, their roots slowly inching their way in through your ears and into your brain. These songs, especially those on the band's latest offering, "Catacomb Fires," range from genteel songs about family life, to dark and brooding numbers about physical and mental struggles within. The songs wax and wane like the tide on a rocky coastline. This band proves on every song you don't need complicated arrangements and convoluted story lines to write great music. You just need to do it with people you love, and maybe a little luck. -Nick Talley/Out Foxed Media